New Bejewelled Expressions at Couture 2021

Here’s a roundup of new and unique pieces our US-based correspondent spotted at the Couture 2021 show.

We love statement rings and inspiring designs, which is why we love everything Vram dreams up. And we are absolutely delighted that he bagged the award for ‘Best in Colored Gemstones Above 20K’ at this year’s Couture show. The Oak Scarab Ring is one-of-a-kind piece rendered in 18-karat yellow gold and sterling silver and encrusted with round brilliant-cut purple sapphires, cabochon Paraiba tourmalines and round brilliant-cut Paraiba tourmalines.

Emerging jeweller Melissa Spalten of M. Spalten unveiled her Gemfetti collection, a celebration of gemstones. “I was really excited to show off the new Gem ID bracelet collection and was so pleased with how much attention it received. We debuted some pieces in the Gemfetti collection – fresh chain options, larger stone sizes, and pendants with enhancer clips. People loved the many options we have for customisation with those. The Gemdrop has been my bestselling collection, but the name felt a bit too general. I wanted to create a name that was more specific and meaningful to the collection. My brand is all about celebrating gemstones, and the Gemfetti collection is truly a party of gems,” she adds.

The Gemfetti necklace by M. Spalten.

Ann Korman of ARK Fine Jewelry launched the Dreamscapes collection inspired by Tantric sacred geometry and ancient symbols rendered through detailed patterns. The collection focuses on symbols that are based on Mandalas and Yantras, or symbolic images that “when meditated upon can bring profound inner transformation, personal reflection and deep spiritual growth.”

ARK’s Destiny ring.
The Shakti pendant necklace by ARK.

Elior Mordechai’s debuted with an assortment of bejewelled cigarettes, pills and earphones. “I love that I get to work with some of the greatest boutiques in the world and showcasing my masterpieces for their curated clientele. I’ve always wanted to maintain the exclusivity of my brand. So, I never had any interest in participating in trade shows, but Couture is an exception. Here it’s more of a community – this show is filled with experts who share the same passion for the craft as I do,” he adds.

Elior Mordechai’s bejewelled gold cigarette pendant sends out a powerful message.
Gold pill pendant by Elior Mordechai.

Mollie Faith and Stephanie Abramow of Walters Faith were thrilled to showcase their latest pieces at the Couture show. “We love links, I think they have been in style forever, some of the best chain link designs date back to the Victorian era but they are certainly having a moment right now.” The designers love to play with clasps and links of all scales and the new diamond oval link necklace plays with the juxtaposition of a delicate feminine oval-shaped link an industrial and mechanical clasp. The new pieces from Walters Faith include Saxon and Clive jewellery with chunky links and signature Clive fluted design elements.

The 18-karat rose gold Clive baguette diamond fluted coil bracelet. By Walters Faith
The 18-karat rose gold Clive chain link choker with a lobster clasp. By Walters Faith

This is part one of the Couture Show 2021 collections. Watch out for more in our next.

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