New Practical Guide seeks to answer everything you wanted to know about Pearls

A new book, entitled “Pearls: A Practical Guide”, by pearl jeweller Wendy Graham, seeks to answer all your essential questions about pearls.

What sort of pearls are these? Are these real pearls? How are pearls produced? How are they made into jewellery? How do I know how to buy some pearls for myself? Where should I look and what are the pitfalls?

The new book answers all these questions and more. Pearls: A Practical Guide is about to be published by Crowood Press.

The book includes insider photos of working on pearl farms in Indonesia and Vietnam; and insights into how pearls are matched, drilled, knotted on silk or set into precious metal, and how they reach you.

There are explanations, with lots of photos, of the different types of pearls farmed across the world, as well as of the different sorts of pearls which can be found in the wild.

Wendy Graham ( founded her online pearl business nearly 20 years ago while still working as a university law lecturer. Before that she was a newspaper and magazine journalist.

Crowood Press ( is an independent publisher since 1982, with a huge catalogue of books on diverse subjects

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