Nirav Bhansali on the Role of IIJS Tritiya in Expanding Horizons of the Jewellery Landscape

NIRAV BHANSALI, the Convener of National Exhibitions at GJEPC, offers insider insights into the preparations for the second edition of IIJS Tritiya, set to take place at the Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) from 5th to 8th April 2024. This timing strategically precedes the auspicious festival of Akshaya Tritiya, known for driving significant jewellery sales. The tradition holds that purchasing precious metals like gold and silver on this day ensures prosperity and abundance in the household.

Could you share what’s in store for us at IIJS Tritiya 2024 and what are the unique aspects of this edition?

IIJS Tritiya, now in its second edition, is being hosted yet again in Bengaluru. We are delighted with the overwhelming response from both exhibitors and visitors. Given the rapid growth of the Indian jewellery market, there arose a necessity for an additional show in a new city, and Bengaluru in the Southern region stands out as an ideal choice. Hence, we are tremendously excited about IIJS Tritiya.

What are the highlights of the show that the exhibitors and visitors should look forward to?

At GJEPC, we constantly strive for innovation, and this edition will introduce IGJME Tritiya, the machinery show, following the success of our endeavours with IIJS Signature and IIJS Premiere. Machinery constitutes a crucial vertical within the jewellery market, and over the years, we have diligently worked to fortify this platform by connecting with top-tier manufacturers and embracing cutting-edge technologies from across the globe. Moving forward, IGJME will play a pivotal role in all IIJS editions.

IIJS Tritiya is set to feature over 900 exhibitors, occupying more than 1900 stalls. Additionally, the IGJME will host 60 exhibitors spread across 80 stalls.

Additionally, we will be curating a distinct zone called the “World of GJEPC,” which will comprehensively highlight every facility that the Council offers to its members – from the India Jewellery Park Mumbai (IJPM) to The India Jewellery Exposition (IJEX), IIGJ, laboratories, MSME benefits, Swasthya Ratna, Swasthya Kosh, and much more. This underscores the fact that GJEPC is not solely focused on IIJS; rather, it encompasses a myriad of facilities and initiatives from which the industry can derive significant benefits. The World of GJEPC will be highlighted in all our IIJS shows.

On the evening of the 5th, we will also host a spectacular jewellery fashion show featuring creations from some of the exhibitors.

An aerial perspective of BIEC during IIJS Tritiya 2023.

Could you provide more details about the venue in Bengaluru, given that this is the second edition considering the success of the previous edition?

The southern region holds significant importance for the jewellery sector, constituting more than 50% of the total market. Additionally, many major retailers and chain stores are headquartered in this area. Considering the scale of this region and the timing of the show leading up to Akshay Tritiya, IIJS Tritiya emerges as a pivotal event for the South. While retailers and buyers are accustomed to visiting Mumbai, we recognise the importance of expanding our reach, and Bengaluru offers an excellent location for the show.

What is the update on the One Earth initiative?

The entire GJEPC, along with all our members, participants, exhibitors, visitors, and vendors, are wholeheartedly supporting it. Our initial target was to plant 50,000 trees, but we’ve already surpassed 100,000 trees. This year, we aim to plant one and a half lakh trees, a significant leap due to the remarkable contributions from our members.

All our shows are powered by green electricity, and we have substantially reduced paper usage by gradually transitioning to digital platforms.

The elections are going to happen around mid-April. Will this impact the IIJS Tritiya show?

Yes, but luckily it will be conducted post the 15th of the month or later, and Achar Sanhita (code of conduct) is going to be applicable. But since IIJS Tritiya is going to be held by GJEPC, the apex body of the Commerce Ministry, we have established clear Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and are actively engaging with various ministerial departments, including GST, IT, the Election Commissioner, and the Ministry of Commerce (MOC).

GJEPC is committed to ensuring a seamless process. Despite the challenges faced at individual levels by retailers and manufacturers, business in the country will continue. When goods are sent through our official couriers like Sequel and BVC for exhibitions, which are solely for order-taking purposes and not for direct sales, GST applicability does not apply. We are in constant communication with government bodies, explaining the intricacies of our exhibitions, and we anticipate a smooth process.

GJEPC’s strong recognition and governmental support will hopefully ensure official sanctioning. The government has granted us permission to host the exhibition, and we are confident in our ability to navigate these matters effectively.

Preparations from our side are in full swing, ensuring that the upcoming show will be a positive experience for both exhibitors and visitors alike.

The aisles at IIJS Tritiya 2023 buzzed with activity as buyers explored the offerings.

What is the market sentiment?

India is in an amazing spot right now, and based on the economic data available, we will soon become the world ‘s 3rd largest economy in the next couple of years.

Between these three shows, visitors can address approximately 95% of their yearly business requirements. We anticipate a business worth of Rs. 1,50,000 crore across the three IIJS shows, and this figure is expected to rise in the future. Therefore, we encourage you to place your trust in GJEPC and leverage all the benefits that we offer. Join us and make the most of the opportunities presented at all three shows.

We are excited about the upcoming show and look forward to welcoming everyone at IIJS.

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