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Late Shri Kirtilal Manilal Mehta, who pioneered the entry of the Indian community into Antwerp, lived most of his life in Belgium, where in 1953 he founded the well-known firm Gembel NV. He was honoured with various citations, the most coveted being the title of ‘Officer in de order van Leopold’ bestowed by King Boudewijn of Belgium.

Late Shri Kirtilal Mehta was equally endowed with a compassionate and generous heart. In all his philanthropic ventures he was ably supported by his beloved wife, Late Shrimati Lilavati K Mehta. Lilavati Hospital is a culmination of their philanthropy.

Late Shri Kirtilal Mehta’s descendants, primarily Shri Prabodh K. Mehta, Shri Rashmi K. Mehta and Shri Chetan P. Mehta not only kept on funding Lilavati Kirtilal Mehta Medical Trust but also expanded the horizon of philanthropic work.

CSR Initiatives

Lilavati Hospital has been actively engaged in social welfare. The social service department of the hospital serves to the health requirements of needy people irrespective of caste, creed and religion. This department seeks to bridge the gap between the needy patients and the fast evolving medical technology. Various social activities are undertaken as an on-going process. Through its charitable endeavours across India, Lilavati hospital has proved to be a beacon of light for thousands of underprivileged people.

Charity: Lilavati Hospital routinely extends free treatment to indigent patients and at highly subsidized rate to BPL (Below Poverty Line) patients. Treatments not only include medical service but also surgeries including complex ones like liver transplant, CABG (bypass), cochlear implant. The hospital every year spends minimum 2 per cent of the revenue on such treatments.

Free camp for children born with orthopaedic deformities
Medical camp for Girls under the initiative: Save and Empower the Girl Child

Children’s free orthopaedic corrective surgery camps: The hospital in association with other NGOs conducted four consecutive camps from 2006 to 2009 wherein children born with orthopaedic deformities were corrected absolutely free. The camps benefited the poorest of the poor section of the society under the able guidance of renowned Dr Ashok Johari.

Save and empowering the girl child: The girl child is the future of every nation and India is no exception. A little amount of care, a handful of warmth and heart full of love for a girl child can make a big difference. On 11 April 2012, through a mega event at JW Marriott, Mumbai, Lilavati Hospital launched its most ambitious campaign, ‘Save and Empower the Girl Child.’ Dignitaries from various fields came in to support the noble cause and grace the occasion. Doctors of Lilavati Hospital feel that they need to play their part in trying to rectify the prevalent situation in the country where girls are meted out with inhuman behaviour that has somehow seeped into the mind sets of the people of our nation. From conception to adulthood, the doctors of Lilavati Hospital want to protect the girl child from deliberate harm by ensuring their well-being. They want to act as concept formers and advice givers and play a major role in correcting the distorted views of some parts of the society that they have been passing on to their future generations. It is time people realize that the very comparison between the two genders and trying to let people know why the girl is better than the boy is an insult to her. None is better, and none is worse. Equality is the concept. The management of Lilavati Hospital had taken pledge to conduct free check-up of more than 50,000 girls under this initiative. In 2014, more than 50,000 girls were registered and screened for pediatric, gynaec, ophthal, Dental and ENT.

Swasth Bachpan: In 2015, Lilavati Hospital launched its yet another ambitious social initiative Swasth Bachpan with an aim to improve the childhood of the destitute children up to 15 years of age. Under this initiative, medical check-up was carried out of children of the red light area, children homes, and schools. School bags, notebooks, pencils, eraser, sharpener and biscuits were distributed to the School children. Around 1,000 children have been screened so far and 152 have been admitted in hospital for surgery and further treatment absolutely free.

Camps: The hospital has been conducting free camps for various strata of the society right from the inception like for jail inmates, RTO staff, convicted women, slum dwellers. In these camps, free tests and consultations are done and medicines are also distributed. Tests comprise Pap smear, PSA, 2D Echo, TB Gold, Lipid Profile, CBC, ECG, random sugar, BP monitoring, screening to detect cataract, etc.

Offering Free OPD: The same high quality resources offered to regular patients are extended to patients of free OPD too, thus making quality healthcare accessible to all. Outpatient consultations are offered at this free OPD every afternoon. At a minimal fee of Rs. 20, every patient is allotted a permanent registration number and a card. Thereafter follow-up visit charges cost only Rs. 10. They are screened by a medical officer and provided with free medicines.

Service to Senior Citizen: As a mark of respect to the senior citizens of the city, outpatient healthcare facility is being provided at the Nana-Nani parks of Juhu, Versova and Girgaon Chowpatty. Every week a wellequipped Nana-Nani van with doctors, nurses and paramedical staff visit the parks to screen elderly patients. Blood pressure and sugar levels are examined and free medical advice is given. Tea and biscuits are also served as refreshments. Many general and cardiac health check-up camps are also being organized for the senior citizens in Mumbai.

General and Cardiac Health Check-up Camp for the Senior Citizens’

Mobile Clinic – Reaching out to the community: Hospital is reaching out to the community for providing primary medical care through its Mobile Clinic. Two mobile vans visit areas in Mumbai and Virar. The patients on paying a nominal fee of Rs. 10 are entitled to free consultation and basic medications free of cost for a period of six months.

Educational group sessions with slide shows, street plays and video clippings on various infectious diseases like malaria prevention and treatment, healthy habits, cancer awareness, child health care and eye donation awareness are also carried out.

Roshini Eye Bank – Restoring Vision: Hospital has established Roshni Eye Bank. This charitable, non-profit organization is dedicated to restoring vision through corneal transplantation and medical research. Various talks have been organized at Senior Citizen Clubs, Corporate offices, Rotary Clubs, Lions club, Colleges etc. Corneal Grafting Diagnostic Camps also have been organized followed by free Keratoplasties (Corneal Transplant Surgeries) at Lilavati Hospital.

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