PGI Affirms Commitment Amid Anglo American Platinum Demerger Plans

Following the recent announcement by mining giant Anglo American on its potential demerger from Anglo American Platinum, Platinum Guild International (PGI), a key beneficiary of the latter’s sponsorship, has reiterated its dedication to its long-standing strategy of developing partnerships to enhance the value of platinum.

Historically, PGI’s operations have been substantially supported by South African platinum mining companies, with Anglo American Platinum being a significant contributor. The organisation anticipates that market development will continue to be a pivotal aspect of the platinum mining sector, emphasising the importance of jewellery, which accounts for one-third of the global platinum demand.

Tim Schlick, CEO of PGI, said, “Our strategy is clear and simple: create ounces and value for our sponsors and partners that otherwise would not exist. This stays front and centre and I believe is a highly compelling value proposition to the industry.”

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