Platinum Jewellery Demand Improves 5% In Q2 ’22: WIPC

Despite resilience in the automotive, jewellery and industrial sectors, combined with reduced mining and recycling supply, a reduction in ETF holdings and exchange stocks saw a platinum surplus in Q2 2022 of 349 koz, and the forecast 2022 surplus increase to 974 koz, according to the World Platinum Investment Council’s (WPIC’s) latest Platinum Quarterly report.

Jewellery demand improved by 5% (+26 koz) in Q2 ’22, with most markets aside from a Covid-impaired China, continuing to grow. This was bolstered, in part, by considerable demand in North America and Europe due to more weddings and platinum’s price remaining well below the price of gold. Platinum jewellery demand for 2022 is forecast to be 1,959 koz – a slight increase on 2021.

Paul Wilson, CEO, WIPC, commented: “Despite considerable headwinds in 2022, pockets of platinum demand strength, particularly in the automotive, jewellery and industrial sectors are promising in both the near- and long-term.”

Global bar and coin demand strengthened quarter-on-quarter to 70 koz in Q2’22, driven by North American demand which is set to post a new post-COVID high in 2022 of 292 koz. However, in Japan, high yen-denominated platinum prices continued to encourage profit-taking among investors for the second consecutive quarter – albeit at a lower level to the previous quarter. Full-year total bar and coin investment is forecast to reduce by 14% (-47 koz).

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