Platinum Love Bands Depict Urban Minimalism

Platinum, the rarest of precious metals, has earned a sobriquet of ‘love metal’ due to its robust and enduring qualities that mirror a strong and eternal bond between couples. Feast your eyes on some chartbusters!

Platinum has, over the years, gathered a steadfast following of loyalists. And the tribe is only growing. The classy white metal reflects a modern value system focusing on qualities like respect, equality, and togetherness that resonates with today’s progressive couples, who are increasingly looking at marking emotionally significant milestones in their relationship journey.

Vaishali Banerjee, Managing Director of Platinum Guild International – India, shares her view on platinum rings, “Platinum Days of Love offers platinum love bands, engagement rings, anniversary bands for couples. They are the ultimate symbol of love and mark the intimate declaration of love between a couple and are an indicator of qualities much sought after in relationships. Today, platinum jewellery in India occupies a very distinctive space among other metals. When it comes to jewellery, consumers desire something meaningful and modern, which matches their sense of individuality … and platinum jewellery in India is a fusion of relevant international trends and local sensibilities to create contemporary jewellery that is embedded with meaning.”

The design language of Platinum Love Bands includes geometric patterns, intricate motifs, clean lines, embellishments of diamonds and sometimes, a play of two-tone metal. Replete with coils, chords, dovetail, jigsaw-like patterns along with the interplay of organic mesh, knots, waves, folds and links, the designs have been exquisitely created for modern couples.

Brave Hearts

The Platinum Love Bands featuring matched geometric textures, mirror each other’s courage, and the strength to face the challenges head on.

The Best Of Us

The Platinum Love Bands with overlapping metal showcase how variations in surface textures can enhance the beauty of the bands. With just the right amount of sparkle lent by diamonds, the love bands get a refined and bold look.

Two To Treasure

These Platinum Love Bands bear circular motifs symbolise the yin and yang of a relationship. While one ring shows off a more structured central motif set with a diamond, the other is more fluid with spontaneous circular forms set in diamonds.

Two Of A Kind

Just like the parallel platinum and gold lines that run through these Platinum Love Bands, resolute in their journey, a love like theirs can keep them secure for ages to come.

Made With Love

These Platinum Love Bands, made of hexagon-shaped motifs with multiple sides offers a fresh design perspective of strong contrasts that complement each other.

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