Priti Bhatia, Creating Empowering Works of Art

Priti Bhatia, Creative Head and Founder of Awesome Sparklers, speaks about her successful journey as a first-generation designer jeweller.

Tell us a little about your company. When did you start Awesome Sparklers?

Awesome Sparklers was established in 2010 by me to create works of art and empower women.

From the beginning, I have aimed not just to celebrate the Indian craftsmanship, but use new technical processes to create contemporary lines.

We constantly believe in upgrading our skills, and every stakeholder in the company, including me and over 50 craftsmen, regularly attend training workshops and exhibitions held at various destinations across the world. We have learnt under technicians and craftsmen that are worldrenowned experts in the field. We trained under the famed brand— Tiffany’s, a global design house defining the highest standards in jewellery making. This pursuit, I believe, makes us stand apart as a design house.

Ever since our journey, we invest in understanding our customers and their desires to lovingly craft unique pieces that complement individuality as well as celebrate creativity. Success, indeed, creates a sense of pride but more importantly, it pushes us to innovate and deliver aesthetic, exquisite pieces to our customers.

Where did you learn jewellery designing? Are you a first-gen entrepreneur?

I did my jewellery graduation from IGI and enrolled in many jewellery designing courses abroad.

I have also learned under wellknown Tiffany designer Remy Rotenier from USA.

I am a first-generation women entrepreneur and also proud to share that am the only women entrepreneur in Gujarat who runs a jewellery manufacturing unit single handed.

As a woman entrepreneur did you face any hurdles initially in setting up the business?

I think everyone faces some or the other hurdles, and so did I. But I never stopped me from achieving my goal. It is always important to stay strong with good values.

We would like to know your creation process from ideation to realisation?

A pattern becomes a design when it inspires, helps reminisce and leads into the future. A design is unique only when it celebrates the richness of tradition accumulated over thousands of years of human endeavour and takes a step forward in standing true to the spirit of invention. Our brand aims at designs rooted in the dynamic cultural heritage of India, the myriad beautiful manifestation of nature and finally, into the desires, aspirations and the unique personalities of our clients. We don’t just create a jewel, we create an unprecedented, unparalleled life-experience to cherish.

You have a fascination for diamonds, and use gems as accents. What type of cuts are prevalent now?

Yes, I belong to Surat, the city of diamonds. I have always been surrounded by diamonds and gemstones, and I love using round brilliant cuts and fancy cuts.

Since when have you been participating in IIJS? how has it helped your company grow?

It has been 5 years now, and I am here to meet buyers from around the world and showcase my collections. Touch wood, the love we have got at the shows is ‘awesome’. We always get an amazing response and our company has grown in stature. IIJS is the best platform in India.

You are known for experimenting with technology. What are you presenting at the show currently?

This time it’s going to be special … I want customers to be wowed by it, and want them to visit our booth.

We are presenting a necklace that can be worn in multiple ways and a range of stunning cocktail rings.

What is the USP of the company and your design philosophy?

We are known for our designing and craftmanship skills.

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