Quality Is About Continuously Raising Your Own Benchmarks: Navin Jashnani

Navin Jashnani, industry consultant and renowned educationist, Sama, talks to Solitaire International about behind-the-scenes working of a manufacturing firm that can result in upgrading quality, finish, check gold loss and more.

This is your first time at IGJME. Tell us more about the transition of your company. When did you start providing important ancillary services as a veteran consultant to the industry?

I look at my journey as a great learning. Almost every year we won awards for design, craftsmanship and innovation. I believe we were trendsetters. On the other hand, we had to overcome several setbacks. These experiences made me resilient and I became an intense learner and subsequently, a good teacher. Since the past two years, I’m working for the advancement of other establishments and it has been an enriching experience.

Do you have a team of experts to improve and upgrade the quality of products and manufacturing processes?

Certainly, quality is a journey which has no ending. With manufacturing processes technology and skill go hand-in hand.

As a consultant, tell us more about the process of gold recovery. How much recovery does a company make in terms of gold once they adopt good practices?

The biggest problem in gold recovery from the manufacturing end is a pseudobelief system by decision makers that an 80% recovery from the production loss is satisfactory.

But a 98% recovery is very much possible and this is my strong belief. Nothing less than that should be acceptable.

Believe me, once companies start to maintain their records in a detailed manner half the battle will be won. Several diamond and export organisations have decent markups and hence gold recovery is not a priority.

Most of the times there are loopholes in dust collection methods and acceptability.

Please elaborate on QC and sustenance. What according to you are the practices that Indian manufacturers should adopt to be at par with global counterparts?

There are several Indian manufacturers, both in SEEPZ and DTA, who are at par with their global counterparts.

In the domestic market, a large number retailers are accepting mediocre finish and hence making manufacturers complacent.

Quality is about continuously raising your own benchmarks. Deviations must be corrected at every stage of the production process and not just when the jewellery is “finished”.

Sama Jewellery has won many design awards in the past. Tell us the secret mantras about how a company should develop its own unique identity in terms of design and product development.

Each time you sit to design a new collection, one should just become “Supatra” (an empty vessel). Un learn your past experiences and belief systems. Then you shall come up with something original! The biggest teacher and inspiration is Mother Nature. No formulas, no colour-wheel .. all you need to look closely and marvel at its function and aesthetics.


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