IIJS Has Helped Us Grow 20% Y-o-Y: Deepak Seth

Deepak Seth, Partner, SK Seth Jewellers, opines that in order to grow our exports, India needs to match the quality and hallmarking standards to become the jeweller to the world!

Tell us about your company. IIJS Signature is going ecofriendly. Each exhibitor is requested to donate some amount towards tree plantation. What are your thoughts?

We too have donated a good number of trees, and this move should be definitely supported by our whole jewellery community for moving towards a green & clean India. We appreciate this great initiative by GJEPC.

Since how long have you been participating in IIJS? Has this helped you in terms of growth as a company?

We have been participating since the last 20 years. IIJS has popularised our entire gem and jewellery industry across the globe, and that is a big achievement. We have grown with IIJS and our sales have jumped by 20% year-on-year.

Which are your major domestic markets? Have you been able to connect to clients abroad through the show?

Our clients are based across India, and yes, we have added clients across the UK and the UAE markets and many South Asian countries.

Gold jewellery demand is increasing across the globe, and Indian manufacturers, because of their expertise in handcrafted and tech-aided jewellery, should not let this opportunity go to waste.

In order to grow our exports, we need to quickly adopt the international standard of purity, hallmark our goods accordingly, and be more vigilant about our quality and finish.

This will truly align with the vision of our Hon’ble Prime Minister to make India the jewellery sourcing hub.

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