Royal Canadian Mint Launches Opulence Collection Featuring Argyle Pink Diamonds

The Royal Canadian Mint has unveiled the Opulence Collection consisting of numismatic masterpieces featuring pink diamonds from the famed Argyle mine. This new collection, headlined by the one-of-a-kind Ultimate, a 1kg pure platinum pink diamond coin, was unveiled at the Ottawa Art Gallery.

Marie Lemay, President and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint, said, “The Royal Canadian Mint’s reputation for crafting coins of exceptional sophistication and artistry is known to collectors around the world. Celebrating the talent and imagination of our people through precious metal and fine art is our passion, as well as our trademark. We are proud that our new Opulence Collection takes our tradition of excellence to a whole new level.”

To premiere this new exclusive collection, the Mint has partnered with Heffel Fine Art Auction House to sell The Ultimate, the collection’s most prestigious showpiece. It will be offered at a live auction on May 31, 2022.

“This limited edition collaboration is really exceptional in terms of its artistry, rarity and value, and we are very proud to be a part of this story,” said Patrick Coppens, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Rio Tinto Diamonds.

Released in low mintages, the pink diamond coins consist of:

The Ultimate: One-kilo $2,500 99.95% Pure Platinum Coin – Worldwide mintage of one

Splendour: 10 oz. $1,250 99.95% Pure Platinum Coin – Worldwide mintage of five

Grandeur: 2 oz. $350 99.95% Pure Platinum Coin – Worldwide mintage of 30

Treasure: 1 oz. $200 Pure Gold Coin – Worldwide mintage of 400

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