Sarine Starts Beta Testing AutoScan High-speed Robotic Scanning System

Sarine Technologies is commencing beta testing of its new AutoScanTM system, an innovative robotic system for acquiring high volumes of rough diamonds, having successfully finished the alpha testing phase.

The Sarine AutoScanTM system provides the optimal solution to truly enable the scalability of diamond traceability. Operators simply pour parcels of rough diamonds into one of the device’s input bins, and the system will scan and weigh each one of the stones rapidly and accurately and then aggregate them back into their original parcels.

Sarine said the process generates the requisite data to document the rough diamond in a way that facilitates its subsequent identification at the highest levels of confidence at later stages of its workflow – either still at the producer’s sorting facilities or at a successive stage of the process, whether it be at a wholesale tender house, a midstream polisher, a forwarding agent, an insurance broker, a financial institution, etc.

The system utilises various advanced motion and measurement technologies that move each rough diamond rapidly through the system while scanning and measuring it, generating and storing the necessary identifying data related to each stone in the cloud, before batching the diamonds back into their original parcels, all in a secured and controlled environment.

David Block, CEO of Sarine Technologies, said: “The need for traceable diamonds is growing faster than anticipated. This system will enable the scanning of a much larger quantity of diamonds, including of smaller sizes, without impacting the logistical cycle. As well as providing mine-to-retail traceability, we are also enabling rough producers and traders to put in place a mechanism that assures diamonds are not lost or switched during the many stages of the internal processes that rough stones diamonds go through at their facilities, often remotely located. This will also enable them to better control their inventory and maximise their beneficiation programs.”

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