Venus Launches ‘Look and Feel’ Videos For High Value Diamonds

Venus Jewel has launched a service especially for diamantaires who need to look at and feel their diamond online. The ‘Look & Feel Video’ feature offers three new types of videos of high value diamonds, namely, Front Hand view, Back Hand view and a Tweezer view.

The company relied on its in-depth knowledge of customer needs and four months of extensive research, development and trials to create the Look & Feel Video’ feature. The imaging team at Venus Jewel underwent months of training to aptly capture the videos, it noted.

Devansh Shah, Partner at Venus Jewel, informed, “We noticed that our customers like to feel the size and shine of their diamonds in natural daylight when purchasing. Many of them would prefer to physically view the diamond themselves to assess the same or request for someone to view it on their behalf. Now, while buying Venus Jewel diamonds online from anywhere in the world, our customers can use the Look & Feel Videos feature and feel like they inspected the piece personally. We work hard to ensure an assured and confident buying experience for all our customers which is why we are the first company in the diamond industry to offer this Look & Feel Video feature online.” Look & Feel Videos will also be a part of the Venus Grading Report, claimed to be one of the most detailed and comprehensive diamond analysis report globally. These pre-recorded videos are made available online on the company website.

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