Singur Jewellery Cluster Workshop Unveils E-Commerce Export Opportunities

GJEPC’s Kolkata Regional Office, in association with the Singur Jewellery Cluster, organised a workshop on “How to export Costume & Fashion Jewellery through e-Commerce” on 7th December 2023. The workshop aimed to educate and empower the local manufacturers of fashion and costume jewellery, who are based in Singur, one of the hubs for this sector in West Bengal.

The workshop was attended by around 55 entrepreneurs, who were welcomed by Pankaj Parekh, Regional Chairman, GJEPC. He informed them about the various activities and services offered by the Council and urged them to take advantage of them.

Kaushik Ghosh, Assistant Director, GJEPC, briefed them on the opportunities and benefits of exporting through e-commerce platforms, which are ideal for micro-level businesses. Nitin Khandelwal, Deputy Director, GJEPC, also spoke on the process and procedures of exporting through eBay, one of the leading online marketplaces.

Saurabh Wadhwa from eBay gave a presentation on how to onboard and sell on eBay, followed by D. Nath from Foreign Post, India Post, who spoke on the “Dakghar Niryat Kendra” (DNK) scheme, which facilitates the shipment of small parcels through the postal network. The workshop also had a Q&A session, where the participants raised their queries and doubts. Some of them expressed their interest in registering and starting their e-commerce journey, which was an encouraging sign for the GJEPC and the Singur Jewellery Cluster.


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