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VINTAGE VOGUE The opulent white gold choker showcases intricate floral motifs, featuring a row of exquisite custom-cut emeralds at its centre and fringed with alternating cascades of lustrous pearls and vibrant emeralds on each of its floral extremities. Jewellery: NIGAAM JEWELS (ORIENTAL GEMCO); Dress: MOONRAY;  Fascinator: BEG BORROW STEAL STUDIO

Step into a captivating journey with this diva, showcasing fashion through various eras. From the roaring glamour of the fifties and sixties to the refined elegance of the Victorian era, the sartorial evolution captures the essence of different styles. Explore the flapper look, the swinging sixties and seventies, the free-spirited boho chic, and the era of modern fashion. What ties these periods together is the use of diamond and colour intensive jewellery, elevating every look—be it classic, romantic, or cutting-edge trendy.

Photographer: Taras Taraporvala

Stylist: Divyak D’Souza (Inega)

Styling Assistant: Shikha Tiwari

Hair & Make-up: Kiran Denzongpa (Feat Artists)

HMU Assistants: Karchung Gurung, Sharmila Gurung

Model: Geetasha (Inega)

Production: Dandelion Pictures

STYLE CHRONICLES Long seamlessly interlaced necklace patterned with emeralds and diamonds. Necklace: WONDERCUTS

The one-off ring boasts two custom-cut emeralds – one enwrapped in a diamond bow and the other bordered by diamonds. The shank features onyx embellished on either side with diamonds. Ring:  SENSUEL JEWELS; Top & Skirt: SHWETA KAPOOR; Hat: MYARAA BY NAMRATA LODHA

CHANNELLING BOHO CHIC The linear floral-inspired earrings are designed with vibrant sapphires and semi-precious gems, resulting in a captivating display of chromatic splendour. Necklace & Earrings: GYAN JAIPUR; Jacket & Pant: PÉRO

TRENDY FLAPPER Woven pearl choker featuring an arresting central motif designed with pearls, emeralds, fancy-cut diamonds, complemented by a broad, multi-row pearl bracelet designed with plaques set with fancy-cut diamonds, pearls, and emeralds.

The white gold ring features rows of emerald baguettes in channel setting framed with diamonds. The ring is topped with a long baguette diamond bordered with pearls.
The other white gold ring features rows of emerald and diamonds and topped with a bezel-set long baguette. Jewellery: MOKSH FINE UNSEEN JEWELS (TANVIRKUMAR & CO); Top & Skirt: JADE

JAUNE ET JOLIE The triple-drop graduating earrings are draped in a luxurious array of round emeralds and diamonds, cradled by black rhodium prongs that elevate the ensemble to an unparalleled level of style and refinement.

Crafted in yellow gold, the open bracelet gracefully features coral at its forefront, complemented by three oval emeralds embraced by diamond halos. The inner part of the bracelet reveals a sophisticated filigree motif, adding intricate charm to this exquisite piece.

The white gold ring features emerald baguettes in channel setting framed with diamonds. The ring is topped with a long baguette diamond bounded by pearls. The white gold emerald and diamond ring is crowned with a bezel-set baguette.

Dress: MOONRAY; Yellow hat: PÉRO

DISCO READY The intricately crafted rhombus openwork earrings showcase a stunning tapestry adorned with diamonds and morganite. The centrepiece of the dual-tone gold ring is a heart-shaped ruby with a bezel-set round diamond at its tip, while the other finial features a heart-shaped diamond with a bezel-set ruby. The shank is partially covered with baguette diamonds. Earrings & Ring: GEM PLAZA

The broad ring is designed with channel-set rubies and lined on one edge with ruby cabochons. The spotlight is on a large marquise diamond in bezel setting. Ring: MOKSH FINE UNSEEN JEWELS (TANVIRKUMAR & CO.); Jacket & Skirt: PANKAJ & NIDHI

FASHION FIX Chic spiral white gold earrings embellished with diamonds, emeralds, and tanzanite paired with a complementary statement ring to match. Earrings & Ring: WONDERCUTS; Black Mesh Dress: VERB BY PALLAVI SINGHI

RETRO REVIVAL The delicate, single-line white gold necklace is composed of oval motifs, each set with deep blue gems and surrounded by natural diamonds. The stacked bracelets generously adorned with diamonds, along with the floral ring, are accented with blue gemstones, infusing a regal elegance into the ensemble. Necklace, Bracelets & Ring: BEAU JEWELS; Dress: ALPANA NEERAJ

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