We aim to enrich the lives of the needy children in urban slums and rural India by strengthening their intellectual and emotional capabilities.

Mr Milan Chokshi

Tanvirkumar & Company has been in the gems and jewellery business since 75 years. What started as a family-run gold business has evolved into a fine jewellery brand called ‘Moksh’. The family is still actively providing products and services to jewellery manufacturers, retailers and brands globally. Its products and services include diamonds, gemstones, bagging and fluting, tailored assortments, jewellery manufacturing and distribution.

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A talented student is being awarded

CSR Initiatives

Each One Teach One (EOTO) Charitable Foundation is a developmental organization established in 1983. It aims at creating opportunities for underprivileged children in India. Over a period of time, the foundation has reached out to more than 10,000 children in urban and rural India. They are committed to enhancing the schooling experience of underprivileged children by strengthening their intellectual capabilities and competencies. The foundation also works towards training them to become socially responsible citizens of India. Through regular monitoring and feedback, they constantly strive towards improving the processes of their organization and the quality of their delivery.

Educating and promoting education: Under this initiative, children are given tuitions for all subjects so that they get maximum practice on the subject. Notebooks and workbooks are also provided for additional practice. A snack is provided every day for the child to sit extra hours in school.

Providing basic support: Wherever there is a shortfall, be it in school or of teachers training, laboratory materials, science practical classes, computer classes, library books, the foundation does the needful.

Conducting counselling sessions: Counselling sessions are conducted for children on career guidance. Self-development sessions: For a child to become a responsible citizen of the country and move ahead in life a lot of qualities are required, hence they conduct sessions on civic awareness, health and hygiene, personality development, etc.

Extra-curricular activities: A school needs to be made a fun place for children to attend. EOTO supports schools in conducting activities like annual sports, annual cultural events, festival celebrations, birthday parties, farewell parties, competitions like essay, art and craft, music, singing, dance, drama, educational visits, etc.

Healthy environment: It is important that children remain healthy in school. To achieve this, the foundation conducts Swachch Abhiyan by refurbishing toilets, cleaning water filters in schools and organizing medical camps. They also conduct regular health and hygiene classes.

Vocational training for women in tribal areas: The foundation runs programmes for vocational training of women in tribal areas as well as slums where individuals who have not got an opportunity to study, get a chance to learn a skill and earn livelihood. Most of the women who learned skills here have their own shops and many do part time jobs. Individuals who have attended their computer courses take up data entry jobs and some even work from home and earn livelihood.

Starting mobile library at Palghar: The most unique feature of Palghar project is the mobile library. The foundation has started a mobile library in rural Palghar to imbibe the value of learning in the minds of the children. They provide a range of books to the children to read.

Extending donations to the needy: The Manilal Vadillal Charitable Trust was formed thirty years back by Tanvirkumar’s family to give back to society and those around them who were not financially capable. The Trust has been extending donations to those who are in need of urgent medical assistance and also help in clearing unexpected medical bills. The Trust aims to work towards the well-being of the community and provide support and encouragement to help improve their living conditions.

Amazing Moments in CSR Initiative

Holding a science practical class for the poor students

Enhancing facilities in schools: In 2017, the foundation surveyed the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) and Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation (VVMC) after which they decided to support ten schools in NMMC and three in VVMC. Together with the education officer and municipal commissioner, they chalked out a plan and presently working in 13 secondary schools.

They work with the school’s principal and teachers for the growth of the children. The Foundation helps in enhancing facilities in government schools to make it a better place for children to study.


EOTO has been bestowed with the Mahatma Awards for Social Good 2019. The Mahatma Awards were constituted in United States to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profit have on society. The Jury were overwhelmed with the journey of its founder Mrs Jyoti Tanna, who came to India during the Partition and created this beautiful organization to help children not suffer for basic education. They were most impressed with the fact that the organization has grown professionally and awarded them for the impactful work in the field of education.

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