Tiffany’s Iconic Necklace To Be Reimagined

A beacon of light in dark times, the World’s Fair debuted in 1939 in New York City amid the shadow of the Great Depression. Emblematic of the dawn of a new day, the unprecedented global exhibition brought hopeful glimpses of “The World of Tomorrow” to life in dazzling displays. Fantastic and futuristic visions of art and innovation delighted international visitors and locals alike.

There, as guests watched in anticipation, exhibitors at the unique affair showcased fascinating feats of technology never before seen. What else sparked interest? Curious onlookers were captivated by Tiffany & Co.’s extravagant display, including a luxurious 429-diamond necklace featuring a singular 200-carat aquamarine gem. Millions gathered to behold the spectacle ahead of the opening of Tiffany’s flagship store on 57th Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

Today, that indelible historic moment has come full circle: Tiffany is reimagining the iconic World’s Fair necklace in all its original splendour, but with an elevated twist.

For the centrepiece, the high jewellery house acquired an over-80-carat, internally flawless oval diamond to recreate the stunning piece.

What’s more, the extraordinary gemstone will be unveiled at the anticipated reopening of the transformed Tiffany Fifth Avenue flagship store, making history once again. Talk about making a grand entrance – or in this case, re-entrance.

“What better way to mark the opening of our transformed Tiffany flagship in 2022 than to reimagine this incredible necklace from the 1939 World’s Fair, one of our most celebrated pieces when we opened our doors on 57th Street and Fifth Avenue for the first time,” said Victoria Wirth Reynolds, Tiffany & Co. Chief Gemmologist. “The World’s Fair Necklace perfectly reflects our brand heritage as a New York luxury jeweller whose founder was known as the ‘King of Diamonds’.”

A One-of-a-Kind Gem

This remarkable gem represents Tiffany’s largest diamond acquisition since obtaining the exquisite 128.54-carat Tiffany Diamond back in 1878.   Unlike the legendary Tiffany Diamond, which is famously not for sale, this exquisite stone will be set in a necklace that is expected to be Tiffany’s most expensive piece yet. With an estimated price tag in the tens of millions, the necklace and its over-80-carat diamond are far from ordinary. Sourced from Botswana, Africa, the exceptional centre stone symbolizes the brand’s industry-first approach to traceability, making it not only a rare jewel, but also a responsible one. Our New York City artisans will meticulously set the diamond in its new yet historic home.

World’s Fair Necklace Archival Image
Photo Credit: Tiffany & Co.

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