Trends and Opportunities: Heather Mayantis of Reeds Jewelers Shares Highlights from IGJS Jaipur

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In a recent interview, Heather Mayantis, Senior Buyer at Reeds Jewelers, shared her insights on her trip to India and her experience at the International Gem & Jewellery Show (IGJS) in Jaipur.

Tell us about this trip. What made you decide to come to India and is this your first time here?

Reeds is really excited to be here for this trip. Specifically, it’s my first time to India and it’s been quite eye-opening. We were asked to come by GJEPC, and it’s been an honour to attend. Everybody’s been extremely hospitable, and we’ve really enjoyed our time here so far.

What were the most interesting sections of this show?

The show has been similar to shows we’ve attended in the past, which is quite comforting. Being in a new country and something different. But then when you walk into the conference room, it’s very similar to attending Luxury JCK, seeing the vendor booths set up and meeting some familiar faces.

Have you made any potential business connections?

This show has brought forward many new vendors as well as vendors that we are aware of. We do feel that there is opportunity to work with a few of them whom we have met and it’s just been really nice to touch base and network further.

A bit about trends in the general.

There are many trends in the jewellery market right now that we’ve been observing, and some of them are evident here at the show. We’re seeing at the show a prevalence of bezel-set and low-profile fashion for loose stones. We are also seeing a lot of emeralds. There’s a notable presence of silver in finished goods at the show compared to what I’m accustomed to seeing. While gold’s has been a dominant trend, silver is being showcased more prominently at the India show.

Talk about the general global perception of the level of manufacturing in India.

I think as far as the perception of quality that we’ve seen here at IGJS Jaipur, it ranges just like you would anywhere else. That’s why this show does feel so familiar to other shows that we’ve attended. You see people that specialise in different areas and therefore the quality will reflect that.

Talk about the Indian motifs that have inspired designs at IGJS?

In terms of Indian motifs specifically, I’m not sure I’ve seen anything unique to India that has been brought forward to us. I think the vendors we’re meeting with are showing us items tailored for sale in the US, catering more towards the US market. So, I would say that everything we’re looking at, aligns with what the vendors believe would perform well for us. These are predominantly mainstream styles, core designs focused on diamonds and gemstones.

Do you do any bespoke gem cutting like maybe you outsource to an Indian company?

We honestly do not do any bespoke cutting or enamelling within our stores, but it has been quite a conversation piece around here. A lot of people that we’ve met while walking around the show are unique designers or one-store opportunities that do bespoke jewellery. We have other focuses while being here.

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