We’re Targeting For Reorders At IIJS Signature

Roshiel Zaveri, Director, Wondercuts Jewels Pvt. Ltd., talks of booking reorders and the fresh lines launched at IIJS Signature.

You had a good run at IIJS Premiere, Bengaluru? What are your expectations for the Signature show?

Yes, IIJS Premiere was a good experience. Now, we are targeting to take reorders from our existing customers as all of them have sold very well in the last few months. We are hopeful this new venue will bring in a lot of potential new buyers.

What are you presenting this time?

We will be introducing new pieces for the upcoming summer season with vibrant shades of blue, purple, and pink.

Among the other trendy collections which focus on turquoise and opals, we will also be presenting a line inspired by Cartier’s iconic ‘Tutti Frutti’ style. This collection refers to the delectable combination of colour stones set in precious metals. It highlights our in-house mastery in gemstone-cutting and carving. The leaf-shaped carved colour stones create a natural harmony of colours surrounded by scintillating diamonds. Besides, the sumptuous blend of colours created by a varied range of colour stones add freshness to every piece in this nature inspired collection.

We will be catering to a range of segments – from bridal to small day-to-day wear. All the categories are doing very well, however, our aim is to add signature pieces which are more viable to wear at smaller parties, festivities, etc.

As we approach the new year, how do you think diamond jewellery will fare?

Demand for diamond jewellery in the next year is going to be significantly high as people have restricted their spending on travels, larger functions, etc. With the new variant across the globe, travel will again be a challenge and only basic fundamental industries will do well, diverting discretionary spend to the luxury consumer segment.

What according to you can India do to push exports?

India has done well in increasing exports through this pandemic. Better use of technology will further help in increasing the export share. The new generation coming into the business is focused on making signature collections with strong narratives, which will put India on the roadmap for affordable exclusive designer jewellery.

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