WGC’s ‘You Are Gold’ Campaign Gains Ground Among Youth

Arti Saxena, Head of Marketing, India, World Gold Council (WGC), speaks to Solitaire International about the aim behind launching the second leg of the ‘You Are Gold’ campaign as well as the recently introduced multimedia campaign ‘Power Your Portfolio With Gold’ that focuses on gold as a strong investment option for the young generation.

The ‘You Are Gold’ campaign of 2022 has a more global approach and features women from diverse backgrounds and focuses on self-expression. It’s a departure from the 2021 campaign that centred on India and was more focused on celebrating milestones. Your comments.

The first leg of the ‘You Are Gold’ campaign, which was rolled out in 2021, aimed at setting a meaningful context for the relevance of gold jewellery in contemporary expressions and imbibing gold in the millennial and Gen Z culture.

This was achieved by showcasing heart-warming stories of celebratory moments of inspiring women who came from all walks of life.

Arti Saxena

The recently launched second leg of the campaign builds on to the idea of celebrating modern women who are unafraid to embrace their achievements and let their inner light shine. Today, the sentiments associated with gold jewellery have evolved for the younger generation. Through this film, we wanted to celebrate the conquests of the modern women who are relatable, yet aspirational and are precious, brilliant, and bold – much like the beautiful gold jewellery they wear.

What was the consumer response to the first campaign? Did you notice any tangible results at the retail end (for e.g., increased sales of modern gold jewellery and/or more awareness of gold in general)?

The campaign received tremendous response from the industry and continues to make gold jewellery attractive among the millennials and Gen-z audience.

It garnered a reach of approximately 20 million viewers via TV, 30 million viewers via OTT platforms like Hotstar, 356 million through the digital medium and another 4.3 million via key digital influencers.

As demonstrated in the campaign, the sentiment around gold jewellery has evolved for the younger generations. For them, it is as an extension of their personality, something that reflects their individuality, something that makes them uniquely themselves.

Additionally, as per our recent report on India’s jewellery structure, the Indian online jewellery market has also seen rapid growth over the last few years, driven by demand from millennials. The report also states that online buyers tend to purchase lightweight daily wear or fashion jewellery in 18-karat gold and looking ahead, the market share of online jewellery in the next five years could increase to 7-10%.

Image © World Gold Council

What other consumer-centric initiatives is World Gold Council planning?

World Gold Council has been carrying out several initiatives to benefit consumers and the Indian gold industry. The India Gold Market Series and My Gold Guide are two such examples. The former is an ongoing series of in-depth analysis around various aspects of gold – the drivers for Indian gold demand, bullion trade, jewellery market structure, etc. The latter is an online content platform developed by World Gold Council to spread awareness and education around all aspects of gold. It is designed to answer all those queries and guide consumers in gold-buying decisions starting from gold prices, details about gold products, how to invest, hallmarking and much more.

The landscape of consumers is evolving, and the new generation has been identified as the major growth driver and with that in mind, World Gold Council’s initiatives are shifting their focus to drive demand for gold in a manner that is uniquely suited for millennials and Gen-Z.

The ‘You Are Gold’ campaign is an excellent example of the same and aims to attract the buyers of today by re-defining the context for gold that aligns more with their sentiment and looks at re-establishing their emotional connection with gold. Both legs of this campaign highlight gold as a medium of self-expression for modern women that give them the strength to be as their best self.

Young investors are falling for high-risk and high reward asset classes. It is critical for them to realise that gold offers them a solid footing to stand on. We have just launched our latest ‘Power your portfolio with gold’ campaign which focusses on gold as an investment option for young buyers.

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