When Art Meets Design

Thai jewellery designer Patcharavipa Bodiratnangkura’s new Lignes d’Ete collection is inspired by unorthodox French painters Fernand Léger and Jean Debuffet.

Bangkok-based jewellery designer Patcharavipa Bodiratnangkura’s new Lignes d’Ete collection references the works of painters Fernand Léger and Jean Debuffet. Inspirations from African art and African tribal world are central to this fine jewellery collection.

Patcharavipa Bodiratnangkura

“My core inspiration also came from the Tubism period; I love how they interpret the ancient tribe for the modern world,” says Patcharavipa (aka Pat). The designer also drew on books that she and her partner collected. “My partner is also half-Algerian and loves to collect African sculptures and statues,” says Pat, who would accompany her partner to the museums to take in the real finish, textures of the paints and brush strokes.

Charms necklace in 18-karat Siam gold composed with baroque pearls by Patcharavipa

The 18-karat Siam gold interpretations reflect her love of Dance, an artwork made by Léger. “I love that it is abstract but with so much life. I also love his lines and the figures.” The picture Pat had was a black and white one, and that sparked her imagination. “I wondered then what could be translated into gold and into colour. It is so mysterious – and that is what I liked and decided to explore through my work.”

Pat encapsulates Dubuffet’s artistry by digressing from her signature silhouettes. “I think my signature textures match his paint strokes,” she muses.

Pat’s textures on gold are purely handmade, as were Dubuffet’s. “These tactile, organic forms are inspired by my childhood memories: on the beach, going into the caves. It is pure, free and warm.” The forms, she adds, are fearless and bold just like what Dubuffet would do with his papier-mâché models and statues.

Dance Ring in 18-karat Siam gold by Patcharavipa

The designer adoration for ancient and tribal art goes a long way back. She recalls the moment when she first laid eyes on her grandpa’s collection of vintage ceramics. “It sparked something in me. There was a huge beaded necklace made out of ceramics in the shape of a bell, which I later transformed into a small-scale bead ring.”

Her Skipper Earrings, inspired by the forms and shapes in Leger’s artwork, feature a twisted gold rope. “I wanted the pair of earrings to drop to the shoulder and envisioned it as a statement piece.”

L’Acrobate earrings in18-karat Siam gold by Patcharavipa

The Corps De Dame Comb is an interesting addition, as the designer did not want the entire Lignes d’Ete collection to have just jewellery. So, she threw in a gold comb into the creative mix. “A comb is so important in Africa; hair accessory, to them, is very personal,” she explains. The hair adornment celebrates African art and culture and has been rendered in Pat’s inimitable style.

Corps De Dame brass comb plated with 18-karat Siam gold by Patcharavipa

Another striking piece is the Les Trois Dunes Diamant Ring composed of bell-shaped beads. These beads with nice curves have slightly sharp edges. “I wanted to pavé set the diamonds on this ring. Four claws hold the diamonds in place and are set very tightly. The alternating diamond beads – flowing along the three rows stack – resemble an arrow pattern,” adds Pat.

The Lignes d’Ete collection, though launched digitally worldwide last fall, will be available in stores only from March this year. “We are planning a party and physical launch at our flagship store in Bangkok, in February,” says the designer. If you are in Bangkok, do swing by.

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