WJA Foundation Launches Responsible Sourcing and Sustainability Education Fund

The Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA) Foundation is launching a Responsible Sourcing and Sustainability Education Fund in celebration of Earth Day on 22nd April, 2021.

The fund will expand WJA Foundation’s reach by providing access to new and relevant areas of education, and opportunities to facilitate learning and mentorship for WJA members.

“This level of intention enables us to be more involved in the pressing needs of our industry and equip future leaders accordingly. I’m optimistic in how the WJA Foundation will continue to play a key role in shaping the industry’s future through more targeted giving initiatives like the Responsible Sourcing and Sustainability Education Fund.” says Jennifer Markas, WJA Executive Director.

WJA Foundation believes the study of responsible sourcing and sustainability, including areas such as gender equality, transparency and the environment, will be pivotal to the future of the industry.

Brandee Dallow, WJA Foundation President, said, “Now is the time to develop sustainability champions at every level of our industry to help create positive impacts on people, to protect the planet and to move our businesses and industry forward.”

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