Alrosa Nets $23.9 Million From Three Special Auctions

Alrosa’s proceeds from three auctions to honor the 100th auction in its history, held on 22nd March, totalled $23.9 million. This includes proceeds from the Jubilee Auction #100 of $7.7 million; revenue of $5.5 million from a digital auction; and an auction in Antwerp that fetched $10.7 million.

The Jubilee Auction #100 comprised three notable diamonds weighing 242.31 carats, 190.74 carats and 136.21 carats. Alrosa hosted two more auctions of special-size diamonds; one was digital with an additional option of on-site viewings in Dubai, where the 100th auction’s lots were demonstrated. The other, having a traditional format, took place in a global diamond trading hub of Antwerp.

The digital auction consisted of 30 lots weighing 625 carats that went to 14 companies from Belgium, India, Israel and UAE. The Antwerp auction saw 25 companies from Belgium, India and Israel acquiring 132 lots weighing over 2,200 carats. Alrosa Deputy CEO Evgeny Agureev commented, “We are glad to see such keen buyers’ interest in the exceptional mix of rough diamonds that we decided to tender to honour such an important milestone as the 100th special-size diamond auction in Alrosa history. It is fitting that we are evidencing this interest at this very moment, one year after diamond auctions and diamond trade as a whole were blast-frozen. This is the best evidence that the diamond industry has successfully passed through unprecedented challenges and proved its resilience.”

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