Alrosa Promotes Digital Stone Tenders Backed By Sarine

Sarine Technologies Ltd. said that Alrosa is further promoting digital tenders, enabled by Sarine’s technologies, as an innovative alternative for the more efficient, less risky procurement of select rough stones sized 2 carats and up. Prospective buyers can view the diamonds depicted in Alrosa’s Digital Stones at the following link

David Block, CEO of Sarine Technologies, said, “This initiative, though envisaged with now seemingly uncanny foresight prior to the pandemic, is gaining momentum and offers midstream polishers a new method of acquiring rough, thus filling an acute need for more efficient rough trading means during these times of travel restrictions, increased uncertainties and impinged margins. Going forward, I believe we will see more significant changes in rough sales methods.”

Caption: A screengrab of Alrosa’s Digital Stones video.

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