“Katerina Perez: Creative, Curated Posts Are Key To Becoming A Social Media Hit”

Katerina Perez, a renowned jewellery blogger and influencer, gave useful tips on the Art of Promoting Jewellery through Social Media, in a conversation with Milan Chokshi, GJEPC convener — promotions and marketing, on 23th July.


Social media is a great way to educate consumers about jewellery. Don’t use the social media tool as a jewellery catalogue, instead use professionally shot, creative images of your special pieces. Content must be a feast for the eyes and stimulate the brain.

Instagram is not an online shopping tool; it’s for entertainment, education and showcasing the beauty of jewellery art. Tailoring your Insta content is key. Insta posts should be a combination of good imagery and crisp content to engage the audience.

Educating a client about the making of a high-value jewellery piece, its craft, gemstones used, etc., will help them make better purchase decisions and perhaps, they will be willing to pay more for it.

Use multiple posts to showcase one high-end piece through interesting product and model photography. A behind-the-scenes look always generates more interest among my audience.

Brands should have a hashtag strategy — make a selection of hashtags dedicated to diamonds, gemstones, etc., so when checking your analytics, you can track how many people came through those specific hashtags. Don’t use the same hashtags over and over again, and they need not be related only to jewellery. I encourage the use of Iconosquare to learn key insights about your followers.

The pandemic is the best time to review your Instagram feed. Repurpose old posts, archive the ones that aren’t great, and don’t oversaturate your feed on a daily basis; around 4-5 posts a week should be ideal. Curate your feeds carefully, don’t be in a hurry to post a mish-mash of images.

This is the best time to be creative with your product and your platform and Insta allows you to reach out to the world.

Brands should do some research about their potential customers and start a personalised and meaningful conversation. It could be as simple as leaving an interesting comment on a post.

When you hire a blogger to promote your account, don’t expect magical results. If your account is not ready for promotion and doesn’t look polished then you can’t expect any good outcome. 

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