Bridal Grandeur

Indian weddings are characterised by a host of colourful rituals and bridal finery. Even modern brides cannot resist the allure of these detailed and opulent gold jewellery pieces that display India’s mastery in handcrafting techniques. Criss-crossing the world of old and new are these stunning and graceful heirlooms that were unveiled at IIJS PREMIERE this year. Solitaire International handpicked some exquisite pieces for a stylised product shoot.

Photographer – Georgy; Agency – DEU:Creative Management; Product Stylist – Ashti Kothari; Photo Assistant: Jeet Ram Kumhar; Production: Dandelion Pictures

(Top right) The 22-karat antique finish necklace features a detailed pendant of Goddess Lakshmi seated on a lotus. Overlapping paisley patterns add depth to the necklace that is garnished with rubies and polkis. The earrings complement the look. By GOLD ARTISM

(Bottom left) The dramatic trellised 22-karat yellow gold choker is punctuated with filigreed florets, and focuses on a golden tasselled cord tied in a bow. By SENCO GOLD AND DIAMONDS

(Centre) A pair of detailed nakashi bangles interjected with square-shaped aventurines, each decorated with polki blooms. By VASUPATI JEWELLERS

(Top left) A broad pair of 22-karat gold kadas highlighted with navratna gems. By GOLECHA’S JEWELS
(Left) Four yellow gold jaali bangles with filigreed spheres are book-ended by floral kadas composed with a labyrinthine of small blooms with a large central flower. By SENCO GOLD AND DIAMONDS

(Top right) The 22-karat gold choker laced with rows of tiny and large blooms is embellished with vines and scrolls. Dotted with rubies and a row of bezel-set emeralds, the necklace is fringed with emerald beads. The matching kadas are lined with stylised florets. By CVM
Centred on a bridal palanquin, the grand 22-karat gold necklace is lined with emerald-beaded peacocks and their trains set with a profusion of pearls, emeralds, rubies and polkis.
The two pairs of gold earrings with antique finish, are set with rubies, pearls, polkis, corals and emeralds. By S K SETH JEWELLERS
An organic 22-karat antique gold choker is replete with striated leaves, polki-studded vines and adorned with morganite tumble beads. The hoop danglers (foreground) are composed of gold cutout spheres suspending morganite beads. The sleek bangles in the background are crowned with brushed gold florets and polki vines. By ANAND SHAH
There’s beauty in symmetry … the grand necklace in 22-karat gold is a unique composition of irregularly patterned textured gold and polki-set triangles further lined with plaques of polkis, pearls and emerald beads. The polki and emerald kadas and the geometric danglers match the aesthetics of the choker. In the foreground are gokhru bangles lined with enamelled roses and a statement ring featuring enamelled work inspired by Mughal art. By VASUPATI JEWELLERS
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