Diamond Delights

Diamond jewellery steals the show this year as well… from modern sautoirs with fluid appeal featuring trefoil motifs and geometrically set luminous diamonds, to broad openwork cuffs and petite designer rings that pack a punch. Here are a handful of mesmerising diamond-suffused pieces from IIJS PREMIERE exhibitors that promise to lift your spirits.

Photographer – Georgy; Agency – DEU:Creative Management; Product Stylist – Ashti Kothari; Photo Assistant: Jeet Ram Kumhar; Production: Dandelion Pictures

(Top) The bridal necklace fans out elegantly with each spoke set with fancy-cut diamonds. By GEHNA
(Centre) Triple-drop circular diamond earrings topped by a floral post. By GEHNA
(Bottom right) The single-line necklace suspends an emerald pendant with diamond tassels. By KISNA DIAMOND & GOLD JEWELLERY
(Right) A single-line solitaire necklace. By KISNA DIAMOND & GOLD JEWELLERY

(Below left) The striated ring is decorated with diamonds. By EON JEWELLERY
(Bottom) The dainty oval diamond ring is encircled with a ruby border, and the exotic diamond floral ring is set with hints of rubies. By KGK CREATIONS (INDIA) PVT. LTD.
(Top to bottom) The crossover gold ring features a spray of diamond twigs on its finials. By EON JEWELLERY
The stylish geometric ring with an embossed blossom is embellished with diamonds. By KGK CREATIONS (INDIA) PVT. LTD.
A single classic bangle encircled with diamonds. By KISNA DIAMOND & GOLD JEWELLERY
The slim bangle with an embedded floral motif suffused with diamonds. By KGK CREATIONS (INDIA) PVT. LTD.
The diamond concentric earrings suspend ruby drops. By EON JEWELLERY
(Above & top left) An openwork striped gold cuff and the geometric bracelet punctuated with square motifs are fashioned with fancy-cut diamonds. By GEHNA
(Top right) Delicate diamond blossoms dotted with blue gems grace the broad gold bangle. By K P SANGHVI JEWELS PVT LTD.
(Bottom right) Long and structured diamond danglers crafted in rose gold. By GEHNA
(Top left) The broad openwork rose and white gold cuff is decorated with fancy-cut diamond motifs. By KOSHA FINE JEWELS
(Left) The singular floral gold bracelet is patterned with diamonds and emeralds. By SAVIO JEWELLERY
(Bottom) The wing-shaped rose gold ear studs are embellished with diamonds. By A’STAR JEWELLERY
(Above) A slim rose gold bracelet defined with scrolls and curvaceous vines studded with diamonds. By PRIORITY JEWELS
(Top) Fan-shaped geometric ear studs set with fancy-shaped diamonds. By KOSHA FINE JEWELS
(Top left) The delicate necklace ending with ruby drops at its finials is composed of clover patterns set with diamonds. The linear earrings complement the sautoir. By SAWANSUKHA JEWELLERS
(Top right & right) The diamond bracelet with tiny blooms and the matching set of bangles are dotted with rubies. By SAVIO JEWELLERY
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