Breathtaking Bridal Lines

Amish Kothari, CEO, Rosentiques Fine Jewellery, is happy to unveil Riwaayat, a breathtaking bridal line with a difference and couture diamond line that focuses only on earrings.

Riwaayat by Rosentiques is a one-off bridal collection that is a nod to the opulent heritage of India. Each piece of jewellery features a profusion of open-set polkis without using lac. The range is inspired by nature and bears floral motifs, buds and blooms sparkling with gemstones in pastel hues. Amish Kothari, CEO, Rosentiques Fine Jewellery, informs that the line is priced between Rs.10 lakh and Rs.12 lakh. “The domestic market has picked up pace and sales have been remarkable across whole of India.”

Kothari added that the collection mostly uses Russian emeralds, soft pink colour chalcedony, pearls and polkis.

Among the other glittering offerings by Rosentiques is a range of shoulder dusters set in diamonds. Kothari adds, “We are one of the few manufacturers specialising in long earrings between 3.5 and 4 inches. This is one of our fastest moving categories and is doing exceptionally well pan India. Each link is soldered by hand to ensure a fabric-like feel when worn. The flexible earrings are made in a way that they move with the body movement of the wearer.”

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