Colours of The Moment

High-end jewels infused with a spectrum of colours from powdery pastels to lush greens and orange crush catch your eye at IIJS Virtual 2.0. Play up the drama with some
of these standout pieces!

Double layered gold station necklace set with multicoloured sapphires. By Gem Plaza
A slim and sleek gold bangle featuring baguette ruby motifs, each bordered with diamonds. By Tanvirkumar & Co
Black gold wave pendant framed with diamond droplets. By K P Sanghvi
Chic bitourmaline gold earrings. By Jaipur Jewels by Vaibhav Dhadda
C-shaped ear tops adorned with black gold motifs lined with diamonds. By K P Sanghvi
The blue chalcedony necklace is enhanced with satiny gold motifs dotted with diamonds and rubies. By Sphere
The classic ring set with emeralds in channel setting is framed with diamonds. By Jaipur Jewels by Vaibhav Dhadda
The statement pear-shaped morganite gold ring is surrounded with a profusion of colourful sapphires. By Gem Plaza
Double drop linear earrings studded with polkis, emeralds and rubies. By Rosentiques
A fancy-cut emerald is the hero of this gold ring framed with diamond petals from the Emeralda collection. By Savio Jewellery
Oval ear studs designed with corals and diamond florets. By Sanskriti

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