De Beers Rough Sales Rise As Indian Midstream Capacity Returns

De Beers’ rough diamond sales rose 22% to $470 million at its fifth sales cycle of 2021 compared with $385 million registered at its fourth sale this year.

Bruce Cleaver, CEO, De Beers, said: “With demand for diamond jewellery in the key consumer markets of the US and China continuing to be positive, and midstream capacity in India returning, we have seen strong demand for rough diamonds during the fifth sales cycle.

The provisional rough diamond sales figure quoted for Cycle 5 represents the expected sales value for the period 7th to 22nd June and remains subject to adjustment based on final completed sales, De Beers said.

“Overall sentiment is increasingly optimistic as we move towards the second half of the year and, while risks as a result of the global pandemic persist, we have been encouraged by the condition of the market,” Cleaver noted.

 Cycle 5 2021 (provisional)Cycle 4 2021 (actual)Cycle 4/5 2020 (actual)
Sales value ($m)47038556

Source: De Beers

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