Delectable Eye Candies by Alina Abegg

Berlin-based designerAlina Abegg’s candy-inspired Sugar High collection is a colourful feast.

Fun, colourful and delish: Alina Abegg’s Sugar High range is inspired by candy and licorice. The Berlin-based designer – known for her cosmic, alien form jewels – has incorporated specially cut gems into the heart of the design for the new collection. “As a jewellery designer, I am motivated to make my clients feel happy – to create bold pieces that spark a sense of playfulness and act as little reminders that every day is worth celebrating. To do this, I gather inspiration by tapping into nostalgia – travelling back to the past to rediscover forgotten treasures and, then, updating and elevating them to our times through bold design choices,” she says.

The Shell Pop Hoops, inspired by a popular German candy called “Schleckmuscheln”, are handcrafted in 9-karat rose gold, earrings are adorned with orange enamel at its center. A modern and playful piece By Alina Abegg

Eager to translate nostalgic memories of her favourite German PEZ candies, their bold geometric shapes, endless pastel hues and playful dispensers, Alina dreamt up a bunch of sugary wearables – Pfefferminz, Licorice, Lollipop and Shell Pop series. “I was always fascinated by the candy pieces that I chose as a reference; they brighten up your day and bring back nostalgic childhood memories,” says Aina. So, she combined gold with diamonds and sapphires – and added expertly cut rock crystal, pink opal, rubellite, milk quartz, yellow agate and lavender chalcedony into the mix. Alina’s Sugar High line features specially cut gemstones; she sought out one of the best gemstone cutters in the world based in Idar Oberstein. “We referenced real candies as we brought the PEZ, Licorice or Lollipop inspired design to life – a first time experience for the master carver,” she adds.

The Pfefferminz Ring, shaped like a mint, focuses on a mint-shaped chrysoprase brick embellished with pavé-set rainbow-colored sapphires  on its shank.
Yellow gold Sugar High Licorice concentric hoops by Alina Abegg
Take your pick from the gems specially cut in the form of candies featuring in the Sugar High line by Alina Abegg.
14-karat rose gold Pfefferminz Thread earring featuring a mint-shaped pink opal drop. By Alina Abegg

The Shell Pop series has hand painted enamel shells in orange, pistachio, hot pink tricked out as pendants, hoops, thread earrings – a gentle peppering of diamond adds sparkle to the design.

Orange moonstones, rock crystals dressed up as lollipop pendants and rings look like the real thing, as rock peridot, pink opal and milk quartz swirl into licorice statement rings and choker pendants, speckled with tiny diamonds. Since its launch, Alina has been adding new pieces to the collection. The Pfefferminz series, which includes linear danglers in mini and maxi styles, are great to pair with vibrant outfits this season. Go, grab some wearable candies!

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