Earrings Are Best-Sellers In The Age Of Zoom Meetings

Four types of earrings that are trending right now.. here’s what you should know to up your accessory game!

Earrings can dramatically change your overall look. They are one accessory that can determine whether you want to appear casual, formal or are out to make a bold statement. A simple switch of earrings can take you from day wear to party wear in a matter of minutes. It is no wonder then that earrings are one of the most popular jewellery categories at moment. With the world in the midst of the second wave of the pandemic, earrings have a new found importance in dressing up for Zoom meetings. Gatherings, too, have become more intimate and interactions are more personal.  

We spoke to a few jewellers to highlight micro trends within the category:

Lightweight diamond earrings

With the rise of virtual meetings, demand for elegant and lightweight diamond earrings in classic designs has risen,” shares Ishu Datwani, founder, Anmol, Mumbai. “People are opting for plain gold or polki earrings for festive and wedding occasions, and diamonds or gem-studded earrings for daily wear or gifting purpose,” he elaborates. Unusual, well designed and well-crafted pieces are the first to fly off the shelves. 

18-karat heart-shaped diamond studs. By Anmol
18-karat gold earrings set with rubies and diamonds. By Anmol
22-karat jhumkis with traditional inscriptions inpired from the Indian mythology. By Anmol
22-karat jhumkis with traditional inscriptions inpired from the Indian mythology. By Anmol

Unique, one-of-a-kind pieces are trending

Gold jadau jhumkis. By Harit Zaveri Jewellers
Gold gem-set ear pendants. By Harit Zaveri Jewellers

Earrings are the most popular category at the moment followed by rings and necklaces, notes Harit Zaveri of Harit Zaveri Jewellers, Ahmedabad. “More and more people are moving towards trendsetting, one-of-a-kind pieces that are versatile. They want classical pieces with a hint of royalty,” shares Zaveri. He also adds that since functions are more intimate, price brackets have been stretched considerably. Consumers are only buying what they appreciate the most, whether it is off the shelf or customised.

Multi-functional pieces

“Coronavirus has certainly altered the lifestyle of people. With facemask and various other preventive measures in place, the masses are now going towards simplicity,” informs Manju Kothari, Creative Director, Entice by KGK. There has been a shift from big chunky pieces of jewellery to light, classy, and designer pieces. People are also opting for jewellery that can be styled in multiple ways. Adornments that are small, flexible yet stylish, and can be aligned with the daily chores, are preferred. “Diamond solitaires, diamond studs, and bands are fast-sellers,” Kothari elaborates.  

Rose gold diamond bar earrings. By Entice, KGK Since 1905
Floral rose gold and diamond ear studs. By Entice, KGK Since 1905
Two-tone gold ear studs studded with diamonds. By Entice, KGK Since 1905

Statement shoulder dusters

For those who like drama, long cascading earrings that graze the shoulders are in demand. “Women who want to make a statement yet want to be casual at the same time, are opting for shoulder dusters. We have been building the case for these types of earrings for some time now,” shares Jaipur Gems’ CEO and Creative Director Siddhartha Sacheti. These were trending in 2020 and will continue to remain in vogue in 2021.  

Minimalists can embrace the trend by opting for long linear pieces or then heavier fringe pieces such as Jaipur Gems’ shoulder sweepers endorsed by Katy Perry at the finale of American Idol in 2019.

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