Global Marketing Campaign To Grow The Gemstone Trade, Says Gembridge

Digital marketplace Gembridge has launched #KnowYourGems, a global marketing and education campaign to boost trade in coloured gemstones. The campaign will help sellers overcome hurdles, such as how to package effectively for a digital sale and will help buyers to recognise a good deal.

The Gembridge tips cover gem characteristics, expressed as short, easily accessible soundbites with bold visuals to increase awareness and build knowledge in the global trade, as well as among enthusiasts and collectors.

The campaign incorporates podcasts, InstaLives, video broadcasts on YouTube, live education events, and articles and posts on LinkedIn, drawing upon the expertise of Gembridge’s many experienced gemstone ambassadors and registered traders. This year alone, Gembridge plans to reach 50 million qualified potential buyers.

“By communicating bite-sized pieces of knowledge, created and curated by industry experts, Gembridge is demystifying the process of buying coloured gemstones and helping potential buyers to make better decisions,” said Gembridge Storyteller and Marketer, Jason Hodges.

The top-performing #KnowYourGems tip so far, reaching 322,000 viewers, focused on beryl. Other popular tip topics are inclusions, and sapphire colour trends. Helen Molesworth, Gembridge Head of Business Development, said, “#KnowYourGems campaign will increase the confidence of buyers and sellers. This will help to open up the coloured gemstones market to increased participation by gem enthusiasts who are passionate about gemstones.”

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