IGJS Jaipur: Prized Possessions

Here are some handpicked bejewelled staples that were spotted at the recently concluded IGJS Jaipur held by GJEPC for a select audience of international buyers.

Double-drop earrings set with large uncut diamonds fringed with sapphire baguettes. By Kinu Baba Jewellery
The rose gold ring with high finish with a curvaceous central motif is set with a solitaire. The shank is festooned with round diamonds. By Awesome Sparklers
A collection earrings, ring and brooch created with hand carved butterfly cameos set with diamonds and pearls By Jaipur Jewels by Vaibhav Dhadda
An opulent nature-inspired rose gold ring partially decorated with leafy diamonds. By Kulthiaa Jewel
A vibrant gold ring centred on a cabochon sapphire fringed with round diamonds, emeralds and pear-cut rubies. By Savio Jewellery
Stylised round gold danglers embellished with tanzanite tumbles, diamonds and tourmalines. By Sanskriti
The stunning neckpiece is composed of diamond vines featuring opal blooms. By Tara Fine Jewels

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