Green Grandeur

In its recent collaboration with a top jewellery design house,  Shruti Sushma, Gemfields introduced a visual treat of creations embellished with emeralds and diamonds.

Gemfields recently unveiled a delightful, high-end creations in collaboration with fine jewellery brand Shruti Sushma. The India-based mother-daughter label is renowned for using high quality gemstones in elegant designs that give a nod to the glamorous bygone eras, while channelling India’s heritage of fine craftsmanship. With showrooms in Ahmedabad and Bangalore, Shruti Sushma caters to a discerning clientele, in India and beyond.

Shruti Sushma x Gemfields – Emerald hexagon necklace.

Gemfields is a world-leading responsible miner and marketer of coloured gemstones, and the majority owner of the Kagem emerald mine in Zambia – source of some of the most exceptional emeralds. Zambian emeralds are prized for their deep green hue, clarity and often exceptional size.

“I believe that responsible mining of emeralds transcends mere extraction; it embodies a dedication to safeguarding ecosystems, honouring communities, and securing a sustainable legacy for both nature and future generations,” says Shruti Sushma’s founder Sushma Chhajer. “Gemfields has been a pioneer in championing these principles, leading the way in responsible practices in the industry. Zambian emeralds from Gemfields boast a remarkable hardness, making them particularly well-suited for daily use, ensuring enduring beauty that withstands the rigours of everyday life.”

Shruti Sushma x Gemfields Amore emerald and tanzanite necklace.

Sushma’s daughter and business partner Shruti Chhajer adds: “The exceptional colour and clarity of Gemfields emeralds provides the perfect canvas to craft captivating and distinctive designs that resonate with our clients, who appreciate both aesthetic beauty and ethical considerations in their jewellery choices.”

The collaboration features Kagem’s emeralds in a myriad of designs, often paired with diamonds or tanzanites. Floral motifs dominate the collection of earrings and necklaces all crafted in 18-karat gold.

Shruti Sushma x Gemfields Amore emerald and tanzanite earrings.

Shruti Sushma began 25 years ago, when Sushma – raised in a family of textile merchants in India – educated herself about gemstones and began designing jewellery, armed with determination, but no formal training. It wasn’t long before her curious daughter Shruti joined her in the business, and the two were travelling together, seeing clients and attending trade shows. They opened their first showroom in 2008. Their designs have redefined Indian style, with their delicate, wearable aesthetic, less heavy in metal than the traditional Indian look.

A devotee of chakra healing, Sushma gravitates towards emeralds for their aura of peace and renewal. This partnership with Gemfields marries exceptional Indian design with remarkable coloured gemstones: a balm to the soul.

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