Greenland Ruby X Reena Ahluwalia To Hold ‘Phygital’ Fundraiser For Pink Polar Bear Foundation

Gemstone miner Greenland Ruby is celebrating its 5th year anniversary with the launch of ‘Rubies from Greenland – Fire Under Ice’ campaign in collaboration with jewellery designer and artist Reena Ahluwalia. The fundraiser is a “phygital” one, a first of its kind from the gem and jewellery world.

Created with the goal of raising funds for the Pink Polar Bear Foundation, Greenland Ruby’s CSR arm, each $150 ticket gives participants the chance to win the ‘Fire Under Ice’ original artwork on canvas by Reena, valued at $10,000. With only 500 tickets available, each donor will also be gifted a limited-edition animated NFT of Reena’s masterpiece.

Inspired by the 3-billion-year journey of the Greenlandic gems, ‘Fire Under Ice’ original artwork and the limited-edition NFT bring together technology, innovation and the beauty of nature. In keeping with Greenland Ruby’s mine-to-market initiative, the ‘Fire Under Ice’ NFT is immortalised on blockchain technology.

Reena Ahluwalia added: “At its heart, my painting conveys the beauty of our natural world. I hope my artwork and NFT will remind donors of the significant contribution they made and keep inspiring everyone to protect and nurture our environment and inhabitants. This project is meaningful; I am honoured and thankful to the Pink Polar Bear Foundation and Greenland Ruby for this valuable opportunity to fundraise.”

Greenland Ruby Chief Commercial Officer Hayley Henning said: “As part of our anniversary celebration, we’re thrilled to be able to make such a grand contribution to the Pink Polar Bear Foundation with a campaign both original and innovative. The original artwork on canvas, with 500 digital art NFTs is a spectacular contribution from Reena and we thank her for her incredible talent and generosity in making a tangible impact.”

Here is the donation link:

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