IIJS Is A Global Brand

Kalpeshkumar Vaghasiya, Director, Elvee Jewels, Surat, considers the IIJS show as a global brand. Preparation is the key and he has come prepared at the show with over 200 jewellery lines that are globally appealing.

Tell us a little about your company. When was it founded? Are you a first-gen jeweller?

Established in 2017 and housed in the heart of Gujarat’s inner south, Elvee Jewels is known for manufacturing designer jewellery that is synonymous with beauty and sophistication.

Our dedication, passion for excellence, and simple principles on style, quality, innovation, and price has taken us this far today. We believe we are on the right path towards the accomplishment of our vision with Elvee Promise. Elvee Promise is renowned for its luxury jewellery. It has fused inspiration and technical process into creations to develop brilliant collections. An array of wondrous pieces spotlighting the same boundless creativity and expertise. We are committed to bringing inspirational and never before seen masterpieces with the help of our experienced team of skilled artisans and designers. The very soul of a creation is encapsulated in the vibrant life and light of its exceptional diamonds. These marvels are the result of visionary design to deliver only excellence to keep up with the ongoing trend and style.

Sparkling gemstone and ceramic necklace. By Elvee

Since how long have you been participating in IIJS? Has it contributed to expanding your export and domestic business?

We have been participating in IIJS for a long time. The show provides such a big platform that people from all over India attend it. There are other regional shows as well. The platform is so big that exhibitors and visitors have high expectations from it.

What is the USP of your company?

All our products are studded with diamonds and created with a variety of technologies such as laser engraving, CNC, ceramic, and many others.

Which are your major export and domestic markets?

We are widely exporting to the USA, Canada, and Australia. We deal with reputed brands and well-known retailers from all over India.

Bella Sui-Dhaga earrings. By Elvee

Tell us about the collections that you are exhibiting at IIJS this year?

We will be showcasing 200+ collections at the IIJS 2022 show and expect an overwhelming response from the buyers. All our designs are inspired from elements that we encounter in everyday life, such as nature, architecture, the fascinating shapes of geometry and mostly abstract designs created and detailed by our team of designers.

You have introduced ceramic jewellery. Is it difficult to manufacture it, especially when teamed with precious metals?

No, it is not difficult to manufacture it, and its application is also easy. The whole process is manually done where a liquid is injected onto the metal and then perfected manually by our artisans.

What are the current market sentiments for jewellery?

Earlier jewellery was worn as an adornment to beautify oneself, or as a part of a tradition, and mostly that was limited to just gold jewellery. But today, jewellery is more than just a piece of gold moulded into a design; it’s a fashion statement and so many elements and technologies are used, to keep up to the market trends.

What are your expectations from IIJS 2022?

As always, IIJS is a platform which opens opportunities for businesses like ours to meet and build relations with new and well-known retailers from all over India.

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