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British jewellery brand Robinson Pelham has just launched their Ear Edit service.

British jewellery brand Robinson Pelham recently launched their Ear Edit service, which allows a customer’s ear to be styled. The service was borne out of clients coming in and asking the brand’s founders for advice on how to create a stylish ear look following them getting multiple piercings. “We are officially launching the Ear Edit service now and details are up online now,” says Vanessa Chilton, co-founder of the brand.  

The Ear Edit service at Robinson Pelham. 

The Ear Edit service is pretty much like how you would book in to see a stylist for a personal shopping experience. “Even though the shop was forced to close, we were working behind the scenes to get orders out and make sure our retail partners in the USA and Japan had what they needed,” she adds. The brand launched the Orb Hoop collection in 2015, followed by the Ear Wishes collection. “We soon realised that styling our clients helped them understand the concept of how to wear all the different components of our Ear menu,” adds Vanessa. This prompted the trio – Vanessa, Zoe Benyon and Kate Pelham Burn – to zoom in on the ear and dream up hot ticket items in an array of gems, including rainbow-coloured sapphires.  

The many options that the Ear Edit service provides. Image courtesy: Robinson Pelham 

For years, Robinson Pelham sold hoops – and one day, they decided that it wasn’t enough to just have one size. “We did a lot of research into earlobes and how they differ and how the ear looks adorned with hoops and studs, cuffs, etc. Over the past seven years, the trend moved towards more piercings and therefore a new way to style the ear. It’s important to us to curate our customer’s ears with our jewels so that the look is fluid and elegant even though the pieces are bright and playful. We have four sizes of the hoop in 13 colours; add to these over 100 EarWishes and we have over 5,000 possible ways to style the ear from one collection,” explains Vanessa.  

What do you think clients will take away from the experience? 

An understanding of how to wear it all … How it can be versatile … How to have fun putting it all together. Our earrings adorn the face. They can brighten any look. We have been dealing with customers with 25 years and we bring experience to issues such as skin tone, ear shape, piercing positions and confidence. 

What are the coloured gem options that you’ve incorporated into the ear series?  

We already use rainbow-coloured sapphires in blue, purple, pink, orange, and yellow, tsavorites, topaz, diamonds, and brown diamonds – and in our bespoke pieces, anything from morganite, kunzite and amethyst to dioptase, pink diamond, malachite and Paraiba. 

Ear ornaments by Robinson Pelham  

Which of your earrings look especially good when teamed with multiple earrings?  

All of them! The entire Ear menu is supposed to be worn together. There are no rules.  

Who uses your Ear Edit service? 

We’ve had mums and daughters come in and have their Ear Edits done, girlfriends who make it part of a girls’ day out, grandmothers coming in with their granddaughters and even the odd man. 

Are you designing new pieces for EarWishes and Orbs?  

All will be revealed … We have some exciting new additions that can be worn with the orb hoops. It’s a new concept. 

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