Klaudyna Rzad’s Arresting Debut Collection

This Polish designer believes in keeping things simple, and often playful.

Born and raised in Poland, Klaudyna Rzad packed her bags and moved to London before her 19th birthday. “My family made me believe that I could take on the world. I often tell myself that it was courage, but it may just have been a bit of stubbornness and insanity with a sprinkle of naivety,” she adds. Klaudyna studied Cosmetic Science and spent most of her time in a lab – dreaming up products that she wanted to launch with her childhood bestie. But life had other plans for the dreamer.

Klaudyna Rzad

Although she had always loved jewellery, it wasn’t until a few years ago that it shaped into a business idea. “I was working with watches and therefore learnt more about the market. It was a slow process and it took me a while before I felt I was ready to try something on my own.” Klaudyna realised she needed to have a well thought out business plan. “In February, this year, I said to myself, it is now or never. By May, I had everything running, the complete first collection, PR in full swing with a plan for a first physical pop-up. So far, it has really been an incredible journey,” adds Klaudyna, whose debut line includes minimalist hoops, chokers, anklets and bracelets in white, rose and yellow gold.

The designer is currently based in Paris, as she discovered greater growth opportunities for her namesake jewellery brand. “I am strongly tied with Italy due to the production and manufacturing; however, I am very excited to be exploring the French market and all it has to offer,” adds Klaudyna.

Tell us about your debut line the Arresting Collection

I am a minimalist. I like understated fashion, classic; sometimes playful but usually simple. I guess my designs reflect my personality. I also believe less is more. The Arresting Collection mirrors my thoughts. Everyone likes to have specific pieces that they can wear on special occasions, but I find it far more gratifying to know that people wear my jewelry all the time. It becomes part of their life.

Gold hoops from the Arresting collection.

The signature element in your designs is ‘diamond-cut gold beads.’ Tell us more.

The diamond-cut beads are simple, delicate but eye-catching. They are quite lustrous. Diamond cut is a jewellery-making method – the gold is cut in such a way that multiple reflective surfaces are created much like a faceted diamond. Considering gold’s natural shine, it is the perfect precious metal to work with and to achieve the luxurious everyday designs.

What’s your dream for your brand?

The dream is for my bracelets to become the ‘Global Friendship Bracelet.’ I would love to see it being a conversation starter between random people, who happen to meet somewhere around the world. I would love for the bracelets to be the element that brings people together. I strongly believe that fashion connects us and having something in common makes us feel a little closer to the other person.

Yellow gold necklace, big and small hoops from the Arresting collection.

How did business pan out during the pandemic and what kept you busy?

It certainly was the best time to start a business with a strong online presence. People had no choice but to purchase online, which also meant that they were far less reluctant to spend money on new brands or keener on experimenting. The processes of getting things done – orders, execution, shipping – were delayed. It was frustrating. I know it was a challenging time for many businesses, but it felt like the right time for mine.

Where is the jewellery made? And do you work with smaller workshops?

The jewellery is made in Italy and, hence, I source the gold from Italy. Diamonds, which are a huge part of the new collection, are also being sourced through an Italian company but I have also been working with an Israeli-based gem supplier. I work exclusively with companies that I believe to be highly ethical. If everyone stops trying to “cut corners,” the unethical business practice will reduce dramatically. As with everything else in life, it is all about the demand and supply. I work with small-scale workshops; they offer a more personalised service. Working with smaller ateliers and family businesses has its own charm. Your success becomes their success; therefore, there is a lot of mutual appreciation.

What are you currently working on?

I am very excited about my collection slated to be launched in November. The focus remains on bracelets. I wish to continue building a portfolio of unisex stackable bracelets, though towards the end of the year, you will see other pieces in the collection such as earrings and rings. The designs are dainty and charming – a little more sophisticated and precious. It will include a line where the client will be able to choose the colours and type of gemstones. There will be few different designs and an option to personalise them. My new fascination are Salt and Pepper diamonds, and these will be used in combination with white and black diamonds.

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