Nature’s Bejewelled Delights

At IIJS Premiere, Sanskriti Jewels dedicated an entire booth to recreate the woods, strewn with jewellery from their latest collection Songs of Nature. Karan Garodia, Co-Founder, Sanskriti Jewels, reveals about creation of this exclusive line-up of colourful jewels.

The Earth has a rhythm of its own and flowers, trees, birds, and animals follow nature’s cycles that generate harmonious energies. Sanskriti Jewels takes inspiration from the fount of nature to create a spectacular range of colourful collections that replicate the earthy tones, the vibrant colours of flowers, the spirited motifs from the animal world and verdant trees.

To get an immersive audio-visual experience, one had to put on the headphones, and listen to the chirping of the birds and insects, the rolling waves, and more, and gradually as you enjoyed being in the lap of nature, your eyes fell on the glittering jewels that were equally entrancing.

© Songs of Nature

How long did it take you to conceive Songs of Collection?

Inspired by the flora and fauna, our latest line recreates the splendours of nature. As Nidhi Garodia, my wife and the Creative Head says, ‘Earth is God’s canvas and jewellery is mine…’

Three years ago, Nidhi began researching on this collection, and 50 rounds of trials were required to get the forms right, procure perfect coloured gemstones, and gold metal colours that matched the shades of nature.

We had to conceptualize the line in 3D to capture every element and essence of nature to perfection. We used colour plating on gold to match the gemstones as well for neutralising the effect.

Once our blueprint was ready, the collection was manufactured in six months’ time. We decided to hold on the unveiling of the line till IIJS Premiere.

© Songs of Nature

How was the response to the collection?

Outstanding! We were overwhelmed by the response. This time we only entertained top retailers and not wholesalers. Some retailers are intending to keep a separate section for this collection in their stores since they want to sell the concept of story-telling to their clients.

What are the gemstones you have used for this line?

For the first time, we have used slices of Burmese and Mozambique rubies, Zambian, Colombian and Russian emeralds, tanzanites, sapphires, Burmese tourmalines, black diamonds, black opals, Ethiopian white opals, black diamonds and more.

© Songs of Nature

Did you receive new buyers?

Yes, around 35 new visitors at this IIJS. The collection starts from Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 35 lakhs.

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