Our Focus Is On Bridal Jewellery

Harshil Dhiliwal, Partner, Precious Gems and Jewellery, tells us about the intense preparations that went on in his company to get ready for IIJS Premiere.

Tell us what are you exhibiting at this show.

Precious Gems and Jewellery is a renowned manufacturer and wholesaler of high-end diamond jewellery for over three decades. Every piece of jewellery conceptualised and manufactured by us underscores exceptional designs.

Our preparation started the day the exhibition was announced 50 days ago! We stepped up our pace and took in more designers and craftsmen especially for the exhibition. We had to come up with unique ideas.

The company deployed additional manpower and hours to maximise our production capacity, while ensuring superior quality and handwork of the artisans.

We are very excited to showcase our collection and be a part of the prestigious exhibition held by IIJS Premiere!

What is the product design best suited for current consumer demand?

We are presenting bridal as well as trousseau jewellery for the modern bride. Today’s bride is always on the lookout for elegant pieces that are fine crafted; jewellery that honours heritage; and a piece that is beautifully designed yet functional and wearable.

Our focus is the bridal segment, and we have a range of collections that include chokers, necklaces, earrings, cummerbands, maang tikas, bangles, rings, and all other accessories that are essential for today’s bride.

We specialise in South Indian handcrafted jewellery and have on display odyanams, harams, mattals, and more.

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