Our latest designs Cater to Everyone’s Needs’

Bharat Jain, Director, Sundaram Chains shares that their company has a wide variety of new offerings for retailers – kids jewellery, mangalsutras and new gold jewellery collections to woo all kinds of retailers.

What is your company’s USP?

We design and manufacture high-quality products based on extensive market research. This helps us design pieces that the end-customer would like. We use modern technology to manufacture all our pieces.

How do you feel about IIJS Premiere returning to Mumbai? I am elated that IIJS is back to its home turf. It is bigger than ever and it will be more convenient for both domestic and international buyers.

What are you showcasing at the trade show this year?

We will be showcasing an all-new collection of kids jewellery, Meenakshi temple mugappu chains and more. We will launch a new collection called Lexus in 22-karat and enamel chains made using laser technology. The market is ever evolving and our latest designs will cater to everyone’s needs.

What is the current market trend?

An important market trend that we have noticed is the rise in demand for elegant light weight customised jewellery for daily wear.

What are your expectations from the show?

The wedding and Diwali season is likely to boost demand for all kinds of jewellery. We are optimistic about the sales as the market sentiment has been positive post summer in the domestic and international markets.

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