Pastel Colour Gems Steal The Show

Coloured gemstones in lighter shades are climbing the popularity charts. Here’s what some exhibitors from the coloured gemstone section revealed to Solitaire International.

Rajendra Lashkariya, Owner, Rajendra Gems, Jaipur

We are manufacturers of emeralds and mainly source our roughs from Zambia. We also cut and polish Russian and Colombian emeralds. We export all over the world, and India is the biggest market, especially emeralds that are used in bridal sets. Grooms-to-be also prefer to wear emerald necklaces. Demand for gemstones has increased and so have the prices. We don’t treat our emeralds and offer them in various shapes and sizes. It is to our good luck that sales continued throughout the pandemic. At IIJS Signature, we are interested in meeting regular and new clients. It is a great platform to network.

Nirmal Bardia, Owner, RMC Gems India Ltd., Jaipur

We manufacture all types of gemstones… almost 150 types. Today, there is a huge demand for rubellite tourmalines in all shapes and sizes, and second in popularity is the blue topaz. Consumers are well educated today and are aware of gemstones other than the Big three. There is a huge acceptance for tanzanites, opals,, morganite, and tourmalines.

Salahuddin Ahmed, Owner, S S Brothers, Jaipur

We manufacture of all types of semiprecious gemstones in all shapes and sizes since the last three decades. We do all kinds of gem carvings too. Demand for coloured gemstones in jewellery has been steadily increasing since the past 10 years. The reason is the rising prices of precious metals. In order to maintain price levels, consumers prefer jewellery in which the metal weight is less and more of gemstones are included. We have ties with some big companies and we customise cuts as per their designs.

Ankit Khandelwal, Owner, Shreenath Gems, Jaipur

We are manufacturers of all types of natural precious and semi-precious colour gemstones, but we mainly deal in rubies, sapphires, emeralds, tanzanites. We are adding more colours based on demand – lavender quartz, morganites, and light pink Burmese tourmaline. Pastel colours are in huge demand. Our buyers are mainly jewellers from Vijaywada, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Delhi. We are happy to be back at IIJS Signature physical show. Mumbai is the best destination for trade shows.

Kamal Punjabi, Owner, T T Gems, Mumbai

We are a 70-year-old brand, and we deal in Colombian and Zambian emeralds, Mozambique and Burmese rubies. We specialise in mid to large size gems. The Big Three have always been in demand. Good quality ruby in large sizes is difficult to procure, but emeralds are more easily available in different sizes and quality. Some of our gemstone sales are driven by astrology. But our main expertise lies in customising cuts for large design houses who make high-end jewellery. Currently, Russian emeralds in light tones are in demand. Transparency is important and we believe in proper disclosures of what we sell. There is a market for all types of colour gemstones as long as we inform what we are selling to our buyers.

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