Perfect Symbols of Love

Yes, I do – Engagement rings from Gübelin Jewellery are as unique as love itself.

Engagement rings embody deep emotions and serve as an ongoing reminder of the wish to share a life together. Whether they are set with diamonds or coloured gems, these rings bring a sparkle to the eyes and hearken back to an especially romantic moment in time. These rings celebrate love in its most beautiful colours. Discover a glittering selection from Gübelin Jewellery which says “yes” to colours, individuality and deep symbolism.

As an expression of the House of Gübelin’s love of coloured gems, every piece of Gübelin Jewellery is set with a ruby. The ruby is considered the king of gemstones symbolic of love and passion.

Experienced goldsmiths, jewel setters and polishers created these exquisite pieces, based on Gübelin Jewellery’s unique aesthetic. It is part of the Deeply Inspired philosophy, which pervades the company at all levels and stands for the combination of knowledge and beauty. “As a member of the sixth generation of our family-owned company, I am very proud of the way in which we combine beauty, knowledge and artisanship,” says Raphael Gübelin, President of the Swiss family-owned firm.

Diamonds – the most radiant of promises

Diamonds are the hardest materials found in nature and so are associated with timelessness and permanence.  Diamonds are a brilliant choice for engagement rings that promise eternal love. Engagement rings with a diamond solitaire are elegant classics. Various shapes and cuts expand the selection and underscore the many facets of love.

Power Pair  – Engagement and wedding rings make for a perfect pair. These two pieces of jewellery are designed to be worn together as a harmonious whole, and the solitaire also stands for uniqueness and incomparability.
Fancy this? — In 1902, the renowned gem-cutter Joseph Asscher developed the cut that bears his name. Relatively few diamonds can be found in the Asscher cut. This platinum ring from Gübelin Jewellery features an impressive Asscher-cut diamond of 5.75 carat. The size of the gemstone and its rare cut reflect the uniqueness of this ring.

Coloured gemstones

Royal Sapphire – tradition meets modernity

For centuries, sapphires have been associated with trust, loyalty and purity. Because of this symbolism, sapphire engagement rings enjoy great popularity and have a long tradition. The most famous engagement ring is probably the sapphire ring presented by Prince Charles for the hand of Lady Diana, which is now worn by Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. Since then, engagement rings with coloured gems have seen renewed interest, especially sapphires.

The Drops of Water  ring is set with a 12.07 carat Sri Lankan sapphire. The impressive ‘royal blue’ sapphire is accompanied by two half-moon shaped diamonds, reminiscent of a couple, coming together as one.

Ruby – the fire of love

Love, ardour and passion – all symbolised by the ruby. As an engagement ring, it embodies emotionality, intensity and the fire of love.

A Mozambican  2.02-carat ruby is the glittering star of this solitaire white gold ring, set with brilliant-cut diamonds in a delicate pavé thread.

On the wings of love

Sapphires sparkle in all the colours of the rainbow. Especially rare are padparadscha sapphires with their characteristic orange-pink or pink-orange shades as they combine two delicate colours.

In creating the Splendid Feather line, Gübelin designers associated the unique shapes and structures within a padparadscha sapphire and incorporated  delicate feathers. The lovingly crafted ring band is reminiscent of wings embracing the rare padparadscha.

Toi et Moi

Rings in which the two gemstones seem to embrace each other are known as toi et moi (French for you and I). These poetic rings, redolent with meaning are a brilliant variation on classic rings.

The Toi et Moi white gold ring from the Ancient Path line is set with a 4.21-carat pink spinel, and a 3.55-carat tsavorite. The two coloured gems lend character to this expressive ring that is further enhanced with brilliant-cut diamonds in pavé thread.
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