Playing It Up With Rare And Exclusive Gemstones

Vedansh Gupta, Partner at Tibarumal Ramnivas Gems Jewels & Pearls, Hyderabad presents new collections at IIJS Signature that cater to the demands of the modern Indian woman.

You are known for your wide selection of jewellery styles. What will you showcase at IIJS Signature 2022?

We will be showcasing two distinct collections. One falls under the traditional diamond jewellery category for the South Indian market. The other is a totally contemporary range with exclusive and rare gemstones like Colombian emeralds, tanzanite, Mozambique rubies, opals and more.

Would these be for the daily wear or for the bridal segment?

Our pieces are elaborate and would work well for occasions and wedding-related functions.

How has the market been for you?

As the economy picked up post Covid, the jewellery market has improved. This last year has been good for us.

Which is your best export market?

Dubai is an important market for us when it comes to jewellery exports.

What are your expectations from the show?

IIJS Signature marks the beginning of many trade shows in the jewellery industry, some of which are going to be held soon after. We hope to meet many retailers at this show.

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