Gold Sales Hit A New High At IIJS Signature

Since years, it has been an established ritual that IIJS visitors on the first two days first shop for gold jewellery, either plain or studded. Gold, as always, has performed well once again despite the high price. Deepak Choksi, Director, CVM, Junagadh, notes that demand is increasing exponentially and to cater to orders, they are doubling their staff strength from 700 to 1,400. “We are blending handcrafted artistry with 3D tech. We need to change our manufacturing technologies frequently to match the demand. We are also including more women from the local areas and training them to do bead work and wax setting procedures.

“We have unveiled a new collection in 22-karat gold with pastel colour gemstones like amethyst, fluorite, rose quartz, pink tourmalines complemented with polkis. We also have a signature collection in diamonds which is a blend of Western and Indian aesthetics.”

Choksi said that their buyers are preferring a bigger look but with less grammage. Pret and couture lines that are popular are priced between Rs. 3 lakh and Rs. 5 lakh, while bridal sets are ranging between Rs. 7 lakh and Rs. 12 lakh.”

Innovation is the answer for bringing out lines that are textured, filigreed, cast, and some bearing multiple hues. Manish Jain of Royal Chains informed that 18-karat rose gold is extremely popular.

“Corporate jewellers are also veering towards 14-karat lines. We have included CNC laser-cut machines and laser soldering machines that offer top quality finish. Demand is strong pan India as well as in the UAE, UK, US, Canada and Singapore.”

Vineet Vasa of Lotus Jewellery, Rajkot, informs that his three new collections in 22-karat gold are a combination of handcrafted artistry and high technology. The collections weigh from 500 mg to 50 gram, while their modern mangalsutras start from 3 gms upwards. “We have used laser filigree with laser diamond faceting, which requires a high level of skill. We are getting a good response at Signature from across the country. In fact, the response is beyond our expectations.”

Anand Shah

Kapil Bapna of Arham Jewellers stated that they are getting a good number of queries from southern India for their detailed handcrafted filigreed lines. This time the company has introduced tricolour motifs on yellow gold which are popular with buyers.

Renowned gold artist, Anand Shah, has received bookings from the start of the show. “Buyers generally are sourcing lighter collections, but there have been multiple orders for my heavy one-off pieces like the intricate Ganesha pendant necklace and a long floral necklace and more.”

Demand is at an all-time high for our antique bridal jewellery collections crafted in 22-karat gold, said Saurabh Soni of Soni Nanalal Bechardas Jewellers, Ahmedabad. “Participating at IIJS Signature had an added attraction as I wanted to meet all my colleagues. Our kundan polki new collection is also getting a good response at the show. We are happy that business is smooth sailing.”

Royal Chains
Krown Jewels

Mehul Solanki, Partner, Solanki Jewellers, said that their bridal collections enhanced with pastel hued gemstones are doing very well. “As for the announcement of the FTA between the UAE and India, I believe our exports will shoot up by 50%!”

Dinesh Jain, Partner, J P Gold, said that their Mumbai fancy yellow gold pret and bridal sets are in demand. “Nearly 70% of our buyers are repeats, and we have not met many new visitors. However, we still have two more days to go, so I am hoping we will get good leads.”

Bhairavi Shah of Aadish Jewels, said that she came with low expectations, but was surprised by the response for their new temple jewellery bridal lines. “We have met so many new buyers this time and the new enquiries are pushing our sales across all categories. Most of our buyers are from Delhi and Gujarat this time. We are very happy to participate in IIJS Signature physical show as clients want to check jewellery for quality and designs in person.”

Uber chic rose gold lines accented with diamonds are in demand at Sphere, Surat. Premal Shah, Partner, said that the demand was more from the northern and western regions. “This has been a good show for us!”

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