Gold Artism Focuses On Indian Traditional Jewellery

Masiar Shaikh, Business Head, Gold Artism, goes traditional at IIJS Signature.

Tell us about your company and area of specialisation.

We always strive to fulfil our customers’ expectations and requirements, that is our main motto. We are known for specialising in Indo-Western jewellery and currently we are contemplating an Indian traditional jewellery line. We always look forward to trying new innovations in our jewellery.

What are your expectations for IIJS Signature 2022?

We have always been associated with IIJS Signature and will support the show in future, too. There is no better marketing technique than the one which GJEPC has been using for years, that brings retailers and manufacturers on a mutual platform with such ease.

Describe your current product line-up for Signature 2022.

At the moment, we are focusing more on Indian traditional jewellery based on the current need of the market.

What are the trends in terms of jewellery design?Are the pieces getting big and bold, or more delicate and subtle, etc.?

Of course, people are seeking bolder and grander pieces.

How do you foresee jewellery retail demand in India and internationally during 2022?

The future of the jewellery market is going to be remarkable this year in India. Due to the Covid restrictions and problems, many hopes and desires of customers remained unfulfilled. The international market might see greater demand for bullion and the Indian market will see a rise in demand for jewellery.

Any thoughts on how India could increase jewellery exports?

Indian jewellery is admired around the world, and I think strengthening business ties with the other countries will help us reap benefits.

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