Sarine’s New Advisor 8.0 Rough Planning Software To Extract Greater Value From Small Diamonds

Israel-based Sarine Technologies said the latest version of its Advisor® rough diamond planning software – Advisor® 8.0 focuses on smaller sized rough diamonds, which form a significant segment of the value chain, wherein an estimated 900 million stones are polished annually.

Our newest version incorporates more than 20 new features along with the refinement of existing processes, all focused on three core drives – generating more value, by extracting more polished yield from a given rough stone, increased productivity – shorter run cycles and augmented automation – reducing the need for human interaction and thus precluding possible human errors, allowing offline (off hours/off shift) operation, including overnight autonomous operation and even automatic recovery from system failures (e.g., interruption of the power supply), the company noted.

Advisor® 8.0 implements features specifically designed to benefit polishers of rough diamonds under 15 points in weight (0.15 carats). The software has also applied sophisticated, cutting-edge anti-hacking protection algorithms developed in house to prevent any attempt to penetrate its defences.

David Block, CEO of Sarine Technologies, said, “We are delighted to introduce the newest and most advanced ever version of Advisor®. It will improve yield, accelerate productivity and enhance the overall value of our industry-leading core midstream offerings, as well as bolster our determined stance against piracy.”

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