‘Positive Feedback On IIJS Signature From Hundreds Of Our Customers’

Exhibitor SANJAY JAIN, Owner of Manoj Ornaments, talks to Solitaire about his pre-show preparations, current market trends and more.

Tell us about your company and area of specialisation?

Manoj Ornaments was established in 1989 and is currently run by the fourth generation of the family. We cater to a global clientele with offices in major hubs like the UAE, Hong Kong, and USA. We specialise in coloured gemstones, with navratna being our most notable section. We also provide personalised luxury accessories based on customer requirements.

For the UAE market, we have wedding sets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets, with prices ranging from $10,000 to $50,000, all set with fancy-cut diamonds. Our latest bestsellers are our Keshi pearl collection and diamond bridal necklaces that are crafted using advanced technology and finish.

What are your expectations for IIJS Signature 2022?

It takes us months to come up with collections and IIJS gives us a fine platform to showcase them. We are optimistic and eager about IIJS Signature, as it is happening in Mumbai after a gap of two years. We have also received feedback from hundreds of customers who are very excited to visit. The demand is good.

Describe your current product line for Signature 2022.

Our current product line encompasses a series of vintage to contemporary sets that match today’s style and fashion sensibility. Our product line in IIJS Signature includes the Navratna collection, Motherof-Pearl collection, flexible tennis bangles, Keshi pearl line, Classical collection and our exclusive bespoke M Series collection.

What are the current trends in terms of jewellery designs?

The current trends are mixed. Big bridal pieces are in demand more during the wedding season. Couture ornamental sets are widely and well accepted due to social media influences.

How do you foresee jewellery retail demand in India and internationally in 2022?

Due to the demographics and age of the buyer, we expect high – value wedding purchases. After the pandemic, the domestic wedding market focused more on bridal jewellery and less on guests. This has pushed up the demand for high-value wedding sets. Internationally, the USA and the Gulf have given us positive vibes with huge demand. Additionally, the increase in diamond prices has played a significant role in building trust. Social media, reputed jewellery brands, and lifestyle influencers have also played a major role in taking the demand to another level.

I foresee the domestic as well as international retail market growing by leaps and bounds. The styles that the millennial generation chooses are exquisite and elegant. Today’s generation also seeks attractive and unique gemstones that are authentic. The other range that is in demand is the Heritage edition, which is more like an investment, a piece of estate jewellery.

Any thoughts on how India could increase jewellery exports?

Our internal ecosystem has to improve in terms of supportive banks that should loan funds to genuine exporters. Bigger clusters need to work efficiently with tech adaptation and execution.

The world has begun to look towards India after Covid hence the external ecosystem has to be amped in a huge way. Small manufacturers are happily serving the domestic market, but they should grow their vision and look internationally too. Our jewellery manufacturing clusters need to plan, process, and execute in a thorough manner to capture the global market. I firmly believe that platforms like IIJS and such other exhibitions help us to showcase our attractive range to jewellery lovers from all over the world.

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