Rosy Blue Foundation: Encouraging Volunteering Opportunities

The Rosy Blue Foundation was established in 2010 as an organisation aimed at improving and enhancing the community service commitment of the Rosy Blue Group. RBF targets projects that cure social problems rather than charity. RBF has always supported innovative projects and new ideas that solve challenges within the social sectors.

In 2015, Rosy Blue Foundation launched its own homegrown project – ConnectFor. ConnectFor is a joint effort of Shloka Mehta (now Shloka Ambani) and Maniti Modi (now Maniti Shah). The project was conceptualised keeping the principles of ShramDaan in mind. It was formed when the duo began to feel the lack of a forum that could connect volunteers with NGOs with flexible hours of volunteering. The duo believe in the potential that human capital has to offer in the social sector. In 5 years ConnectFor has matched 23,000+ volunteers to 500+ NGOs, and saved over INR 2.8 Crore to these NGOs.

CSR Initiatives

Encouraging volunteering across India: ConnectFor is an online volunteering platform. It is a dedicated community committed to connect change makers and those in need, making it a win-win cause for all. ConnectFor aims to be an all encompassing resource solution for nonprofits; it seeks to develop the culture of volunteering across India, encouraging both individuals and organizations to realize how best to use volunteering opportunities to add value.

ConnectFor exists to demonstrate the value of human resource for non-profit organizations, by creating high value matches based on an organization’s needs, and an individual’s time and skills. The online web-based platform is relentlessly working with more than 500 NGOs to provide pro bono volunteering solutions. The online platform has 25,000 volunteers working for them. This web-based platform has crossed INR 2,80,00,000 (INR 2.8 Cr) in value saved to its NGO partners that has been analytically measured (as per Mar 2021). ConnectFor completed five years of its existence in December 2020.

Helping young & underprivileged individuals: Mentor Together is a Bengaluru based NGO , which has been helping young and underprivileged individuals to resolve issues, such as emotional deprivation, low self esteem, unstable relationships, indecisiveness and ignorance. The enterprise has touched the lives of 5,000 young adults between the age group of 14 to 21 years through mentorship for free since 2009 across cities, such as Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Helping shelter home children reach equitable outcomes: Make A Difference is an organization that has pioneered new research into long-term outcomes for adults from the Children in Need of Care & Protection. They have adopted many shelter homes to ensure that the homeless kids are integrated seamlessly into mainstream society by providing a happy and stimulating environment so that as adults they can achieve similar career and personal milestones to those who come from less disadvantaged backgrounds.

A step towards making our planet a better place
Providing a happy environment

CF corporate volunteering events: ConnectFor collaborates with socially responsible companies and groups to organize a range of events to develop CSR activities and team-building activities for employees. These one-day engagements consist of employeefriendly volunteer activities and are conducted in association with different NGOs and/or cause areas. ConnectFor assists in ideation, planning and execution of a CSR project on a need basis, based on the brief provided by the company.

CF Premium for employee engagement ConnectFor works with individual employees to create customized projects that cater to their interests. The online platform matches the skill-sets, cause area preference and relevant work experience of each employee to specific volunteering opportunities. The employee engagement programme works with corporate employees to have these projects completed within a fixed time frame.

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